The Amazing Features of Robomaid Vacuum Cleaner
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The Amazing Features of Robomaid Vacuum Cleaner

Published by: Simantini Sinha (19)
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Robomaid vacuum cleaner has some amazing features that help to save your time and energy and give you a complete cleaning as well.

The age of using canister vacuum cleaners is long gone, especially with the introduction of robotic vacuum cleaners in to the world. Gone are the days when you had to run with your cleaner wherever you wanted to clean. And to win your freedom and give it back to you, the Robomaid vacuum cleaner is the best hero.

There are some distinct features of Robomaid that make it one of a kind. The very first and most important characteristic of it is that it is completely automatic. Being that, it can be operated with a remote control. With the remote control, you can program the Robomaid to start and stop according to your need. Robomaid is an automatic robotic cleaner which means you can actually trust it to clean your house while you are at work or doing some other job.

Another important feature of this vacuum cleaner is that it does not involve any pipes or wires for cleaning. It cleans with two sets of brushes, the reason why it is also called Robomaid brush kit. There is a twin brush set at the bottom, and these two brushes are set in a helical pattern. The function of this brush set is to move very swiftly on the floor and carpet and collect the dust and dirt and debris and any such other thing and then deposit in the dustbin that is attached to the Robomaid. The side brush is for the cleaning of stands of furniture and corners of wall. The Robomaid was made round in shape so that it can move freely and without any excess pressure or power loss. Due to this, it cannot reach the corners. But even this was treated with the side brush that reaches the corners and cleans your house or office completely.
The features of Robomaid are all in turn connected to the fact that it is automatic. It has sensors inside it which help it to detect sharp fall in height like stairs or ledges. So if you want to clean your hallway of first floor, you can program the Robomaid to do so. For this, you do not need to stay with it all the time fearing that it ill fall down the stairs. There are strong sensors in it that make sure that whenever it reaches the edge of the stairs, it will detect the drop in height and move away from the stair edge.

The docking station or charging station is attached to the wall to which it returns when the cleaning is complete or the charge finishes. This vacuum cleaner does not need any wire to keep it attached to the plug point. It gets a full charge within three to four hours, and with that stored power, it can clean an area up to a hundred square meters.
These features of the Robomaid vacuum cleaner make it an amazing discovery as in the field of cleaning and hygiene living.

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