The Best Work Boot Features Found Across Top Brands
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The Best Work Boot Features Found Across Top Brands

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There are plenty of top brands that manufacture high quality boots for tough conditions at the workplace or for tough weather. You can purchase your work boot from top brands like Timberland, Rocky, Bates, Carolina, Golden Retriever, Redwood, Wesco, Thorogood and Magnum to name a few. The boots are available in variety of sizes from regular to wide. There are 5, 6, 8 and 9 inch boots to suit the preferences of different individuals. There are brown, black, desert tan, sage green and red boots available. There are boots with steel toes as well as composite 100% non-metallic toes. There are boots with cement construction too.

When you are purchasing a work boot, it is important to make sure that the boot concurs with ASTM and ANSI standards as far as safety of the feet is concerned. This is especially true in case of those boots, which not only provide protection to the feet, but are also designed to be heat resistant, flame resistant and resistant to electrical hazards. Boots, which are designed to protect the feet from all kinds of dangers they are exposed to, in dangerous and difficult workplaces, should adhere to strict regulations and standards. Boots with Goodyear Welt construction are particular durable and long lasting. Moreover, the outsoles of the boots are certified to be oil and slip resistant besides being resilient to harmful chemicals and abrasion. You will also come across outsoles with puncture resistance, which is important on shop floors and factory work shops where you could come across sharp instruments and objects lying here and there.

A top quality work boot from Timberland or Wolverine will also have special support for the feet to prevent accidents like ankle twisting or turning at odd angles. There are steel shanks, padded ankle collars and lasting boards for additional torsional rigidity. The best part about these boots is the fact that the feet are not only protected from outside but also from the inside with removable cushion inserts and polyurethane midsoles that extend through the length of the feet. For those who work at very hot places, the boots come with mesh linings and breathable uppers of full grain leather or nylon, so that there is free flow of air and any traces of sweat are wicked out for greater comfort.

A good work boot makes use of professional materials so that there is less wear and tear and fraying. There isn’t much effect of extensive usage or bad weather on the look of the uppers, which can be badly wrinkled in case of poor quality materials. OrthoLite foot beds can be used for those who have foot related problems. Similarly, there are boots that come with heel stabilizers and metatarsal guards so that the impact or strain of operating on hard surfaces is reduced to a great extent. Lastly, good quality boots for work should have the right fit, which is achieved through biomechanical curvature. Side zips are present in some boots to make it easier to wear them or take them off for a quick moment of relaxation.

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