The determination process of bitumen price and industrial bitumen
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The determination process of bitumen price and industrial bitumen

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The Soaring Oil costs although justifies the variation in the industrial bitumen price, there is not a great procedure to get the bitumen price so far. The bitumen sector is becoming mature and liquid. A large portion of the exporting nations comprise Singapore, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Thailand in this region has several inputs and the range changes substantially.

For industrial bitumen, there are no published prices except for some gathered prices from some paid subscription services; entrepreneurs rely on certain costing ways that reference various posted crude qualities.

Market costing is periodical with greater rates through peak season such as summer being the norm because of more demand for industrial bitumen and other bitumen made goods.

More importantly, industrial bitumen is usually combined with diluent (normally in the form of C5 or synthetic light crude) with a view to ease its transportation through pipeline to tankers.

Therefore, the valuable field bitumen price is also instantly affected by the input price of the diluent needed, the requirement and cost of which is also seasonal in nature (in winter as colder temperatures necessitate additional diluent for transport).

Because of this, bitumen price is high in summer and in the course of huge break off by the refineries and not reflective of the annually average realized price or the finance of the business in general.

The solid bitumen requirement hinders the useful field costs during peak period for a variety of reasons. Furthermore to the normal periodical problems, increase in bitumen demand and the premium for diluent was great as a result of several situations which include production disruptions at a regional refinery.

The deficiency of a often popular process to the determination of right bitumen price, along with the pricing seasonality (which has not been properly solved ) meant that any number of meanings been around as to how year-end bitumen price should be figured out, for the purpose of filing to the regulative professionals, also.

With huge amounts of barrels of prospective and vast amounts of dollars of designed capital investment, the industrial bitumen resources are largely realized to be a cornerstone of future energy demands and are getting noticeable interest from offshore jurisdictions as well.

It is in the top concern to all stakeholders (investors, capital markets, regulating bodies, makers and the public overall) that a year-round bitumen price strategy be formed that sensibly signifies the standard market issues and is not unduly impacted by seasonal demand, weather-driven or cataclysmic cost fluctuations.

In fact, the adoption of the recommended procedure for all crude elements would have small or no influence on claimed proved booked quantities for all kinds, industrial bitumen excepted. For no other cause than industrial bitumen only is subject to the severe seasonality in recognized costs round calendar.

Some market viewers intend to establish the constant bitumen price by using, for the benchmark reference price, the listed price for the crude oil after implementing historical adjustments (which means the average of the adjustments for the 12 months prior the date of the approximate) for transport and for quality, which create the price differential between crude oil and industrial bitumen.

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