The difference between tape in and bonded hair extensions
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The difference between tape in and bonded hair extensions

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They both have negative and positive sides. I hope here I will be able to give you a better understanding to make a better and informed choice.

Background of Bonded hair Extensions

These were the very first way in which human hair extensions Canada are attached to existing hair. Due to this, they have seen much development over the years. The way in which bonds applied has changed and also the bond texture.
In the initial days of extension bonds, the users simply rubbed hair friendly glue across the hair. This made heavy bonds difficult to remove and to see conveniently. Sometimes, this application type is still noticed and applied by regular stylists.

This changed and led to the development of small keratin bonds. Keratin is the main ingredient of hair and this protein is the first choice to blend both hairs. Instead of the application being made with the fingers, this change into heat gun popular today as extension application.


Can resist elements better due to bonds
Feel safer
If fitter properly, may last longer than taped


Time taking if not fitted by certified stylist
May pull on the hair shaft due to bald patches on the scalp
May become visible in the hair if not fitted properly
Tape in Hair Extensions


The tape in hair extensions Canada addresses the issues of bonds mentioned above. But that doesn’t mean that they are not without their own issues.

They emerged as a quicker system for hairdressers to apply which eventually lessened the price. They are still made with human hair from the beginning. They are gaining popularity in salons due to their cost and speed. Clients started liking them in no time.


Lower in Cost
No stake of bald patches in scalp
Have a lower profile than bonds


Don’t last as long as bonded
Tape may react seriously than bonds with wrong aftercare
Inferior quality of tapes leads to issues


It is apparent a split has happened in the market of red hair extensions. Taped have started dominating the lower end. Applied properly there is a lower cost option to bonded and also be a slightly costly option than clip-in.
If you are on a budget, tape in human hair extensions Canada will be the solution, but you still have to ask all the appropriate questions. Specifically, the tape quality utilized and how long they are expected to serve you matters. If cheap hairs are used, it is quite possible that the tapes will be of poor quality.

For extensions that are durable, you should go for bonded. When fitted properly, they provide the dependability and volume, that taped at times can’t give. When proper after care is utilized with bonded extensions, they will be the most durable one.

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