The ECC 521 is better than the Blackberry PGP Encryption
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The ECC 521 is better than the Blackberry PGP Encryption

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In the olden days, the signatures of the individuals were the most important. One had to be an expert forger to gain access to the accounts of the individual and wean away his or her money. In today’s age of technology, smartphone, and the internet, the physical signature has paled into insignificance. People do their business and other financial transactions through their mobile phones. This is the era of passwords and access codes. Under such circumstances, one has to be a hacker to gain access to any internet account and play havoc. One must concede that there are some impressive hackers around in the world. The technology in use in the smartphones has to be a step ahead of such hackers to provide complete privacy. The presently available technology in the Blackberry phones, the Blackberry PGP Encryption is good but requires certain improvements.

Global Secured, an international company specializing in the maintenance of security in the smartphones, has come up with a new line of defense, the Elliptical Curve Cryptography. Through the medium of this article, we shall see the benefits of using this method of protection over the existing one.

We shall look at the technical aspects before moving on to the popular aspects of security.

The PGP security uses 4096 bits RSA keys. That is a strong security measure. In comparison, the ECC security makes use of the 15360 bit RSA. This makes it infinitely more (5 X 10^32 times) encrypted than the PGP. This is a tremendous improvement. We can explain the system in a simple manner. If you equate the PGP security with the amount of energy required to boil one teaspoon of water, then the equivalent for the ECC 521 would be like the amount of energy needed to boil the entire water in this planet.

The PGP security encrypts the messages but leaves the headers intact. At the same time, it does not encrypt the details of the sender and the recipient. The ECC 521 scores over the PGP in this regard by encrypting every bit of information. This makes it virtually impossible for the hacker to infiltrate the messages and wean out information.

Usually, the message remains open during the exchange between the phone and the server. The hacker can pinch his way in and steal information. The ECC does not allow this scope for the hacker.

The PGP does not allow for the self-destruction of the messages at any stage. One has to delete the messages manually. You can do so on your phone. However, the messages at the other end remain intact. The ECC security ensures that you can destruct your messages from both the senders as well as the recipient’s phone. You can do so instantaneously or after a fixed interval.

The PGP does not allow for encryption of photos or notes. In the ECC security system, you can encrypt photos, text messages, and voice messages as well. This is the beauty of using the ECC 521.

Hence, you have seen some of the aspects of this security system where it comfortably scores over the present-day system.

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