The Era of Disposable Products
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The Era of Disposable Products

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In this materialistic era of rapid development, we are advocating environmental protection. However, in order to own efficiency, we have a lot of consumption of disposable products. For example, the following products:

Disposable lunch boxes: the shelf life is about four months, which should not bear hot food, and generally cannot be put in the microwave for heating, because the main raw material is polystyrene, it will lead to the occurrence of dioxin in the high temperature above 65 ℃,been identified as carcinogens.

The disposable table cloth: the shelf life is about six months, which may release sulfur dioxide in the natural environment, so it is not suitable for long-term displaying at the dinner table, if you have to use, recommend when you use, you cover it. After using, you should timely recover.

Disposable toothbrush: the disposable toothbrush in the hotel is almost for the sealed package, and the shelf life is about eight months. And the disposable comb: its shelf life is about 1 year, mostly is plastic, and not only easy to generate static electricity with the hair and scalp because of friction, and the release of sulfur dioxide and other toxic substances also easily leads to the occurrence of dandruff and dermatitis.

Disposable tissue: its packaging is almost made ​​for the cutting of the original rolls paper directly, which is susceptible to chemical qualitative change in contact with air, it is recommended to use finished within two days after opening.

Disposable masks: it has one-year shelf life, if it is expired, it not only cannot play the effect of the isolated bacteria, but to release the material to erosion of the respiratory mucosa may also be due to the deterioration of materials, inducing asthma.

Disposable underwear: it is almost multi-chemical fiber products; the shelf life is 1 year. If it is expired, without washing, disinfection, it easily leads to dermatitis and urinary system diseases.

These disposable products seem very clean, very hygienic. There are a lot of criminals to make money, cut corners, leading to unsanitary disposable products into the market. Moreover, the productions of those disposable products need to consume so many trees, there are some one-off product is plastic components, even after they are discarded, they have great impact on the environment! Therefore, in order to our health and environment, we should decrease the use of the disposable products.

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