The Great Force of One Hand from a Woman
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The Great Force of One Hand from a Woman

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On the half-way, a woman got on the bus, carrying a baby on the left hand, and the right hand holding a bag of meat. But no one wanted to give her a seat, so I had to stand up from the engine cover and said: “You just can sit here.” She smiled gratefully.

She was obviously very tired, and the clothes were not clean and tidy, liked a person doing a regular small business. The arms of children seemed less than two years old, black, fat, but very pier. She put that bag of meat behind the driver’s seat, sighed and sat on the lid, holding the child firmly. Soon, several passengers got off, and the compartment was a little empty, but there is still no seat. I was bored looking out and at the ears was the sound of the engine.

In this seemingly calm moment, suddenly we heard the driver screaming, the body of the bus twisted, I almost was thrown out the window! Then, “Boom”, the bus seemed to be bouncing. I was dizzy, and my hands consciously clenched the railing, but the huge inertia still threw me at the bottom of the bus. At this time, “Boom”, the bus suddenly stopped.

Cries and noise was filled with the bus. I found that bus at the moment sprang up; the rear was still on the ground, while the front caught a low wall, the body and the ground became about a 45 degree angle! A car accident! I suddenly remembered the women holding children, looked back to see her left hand firmly clutching the wire on the driver’s seat, right arm hugging the child, half hanging in the air.

The door was open, and everyone filed out. Women got off; I would like to help her to hug a child, but smiles: “No, the only trouble you…” She used her mouth to refer to the bags of meat out on the seat. When I got off, I carried the meat and found her. I found her left palm was black green, oozing blood, apparently was reined by the steel wire. When I handed her the meat, she stretched out her right arm - bare wrist. There was no right hand!

There are many people with two hands, but for the people who have the real strength, a hand is enough.

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