The History of Steel Buildings in the United States
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The History of Steel Buildings in the United States

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Steel has been the metal that has built nations, and the US is no exception. To some of the tallest skyscrapers in New York City, to airplane hangars and barns in the bread basket of the Midwestern Plains, the American metal building has a long history. With its superior strength to weight ratio, steel has created buildings that can withstand almost anything nature dishes out.

Early Uses of Steel Buildings

The American steel building started out in the early 1900’s when it was used by the US military for stockpiles of ammunition and supplies. In areas far from civilization, the military could install a number of steel buildings in a small area where they could not otherwise have cover. Steel buildings allowed them to keep ammunition dry and food supplies away from rodents and other undesirables. The pre-manufacture of these buildings allowed a skilled set of men to put them together in one day’s time.

Commercial Uses for Steel Buildings

With industrial development encompassing the entire United States, steel buildings began to be constructed for warehouses, airplane facilities, and practically any other building that was large. Because of the structural integrity of steel and the abundance, the American steel building became the choice for many industries such as manufacturing and textiles.

Residential Uses for Steel Buildings

After the Second World War, steel buildings became more common place as military men returned home and wanted a solid structure instead of the traditional wooden outbuildings of the past. Steel buildings began showing up all across America in place of traditional buildings such as barns and silos. The easy construction of steel buildings had swept the nation. In the late 1960s and early 1970s, many companies began manufacturing small outbuildings that could be assembled by the average homeowner. These small buildings, usually 12’ X 12’, would pop up in backyards all across the nation. Now, there was a place where lawnmowers and other yard tools could be put under lock and key.

Present Day

The American metal building has undergone a number of changes over the decades since its inception. It has continued to be a leading choice for warehouses and backyard utility sheds. There is no material yet that can match the sheer durability and structural integrity of the American steel building.

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