The History Story about Perfect War
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The History Story about Perfect War

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Once there was an island located in the throat between two oceans. Because of its advantageous location, the ownership of the island had been a military dispute between two nearby islands.

On one occasion, the two countries assembled all their elite troops, being ready to fight to death against the other party to capture the island. In order to overcome the other side, the two countries also sent their highest military commander to the island. However, the final result of this war is: the ownership of the island was solved, while that war did not involve any gun or hurt any soldier. It turned out that the two military commands had too much experience of war and saw a lot of bloody fighting, so both of them had a clear idea of the cruelty of war. The consensus of the two commanders made them come together to discuss how to protect their own soldiers as well as their people on the island. Finally, the two military commanders agreed that they would choose a best buffalo in each country to wrestle to decide the ownership. The country in which the buffalo died was the loser, and the island would belong to the country in which the buffalo won.

This “perfect war” is neither a legend, nor a myth. It is a true story happened 1500 years ago. At that time, Java and Malaysia located near the Strait of Malacca all wanted to occupy Sumatra. Finally, the buffalo that Java selected had multiple injuries in the arena, fell to the ground and died soon because of bleeding too much and exhaustion after long fighting. The commander of Java ordered all troops to withdraw and returned to his country with the tragic mood of being killed by the king and decided to offer a humble apology.

When the king knew the reason, he not only did not drop the crime, but also took the initiative to communicate. The leaders of the two countries jointly agreed to rename Sumatra as “United States Nanka Ba Island” (meaning “victory of buffalo”) to commemorate the smokeless war. So far, the residents on the island still call Sumatra Island the “US-Nanka Ba Island”.

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