The Importance of ECG Device and its Limitations
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The Importance of ECG Device and its Limitations

Published by: Roberta Mejia (33)
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Evaluating the heart condition of a patient can be done with an ECG device. This tool can provide accurate assessment of one’s abnormalities in the heart. It is widely used these days, a simple test to do, affordable and it is very safe.

Anyone who suspects that they have a heart ailment can undergo electrocardiogram to find out if they are suffering from any kind of heart disease. Through this, one can find out right away if there’s an irregularity with the heart rate, rhythm or if there are other abnormalities found. This is also helpful in determining whether a person has experienced a minor attack or there’s a possibility to develop a coronary heart disease.

But is this safe? This is absolutely 100% safe even if parts of your body will receive a few amounts of electrodes. These are usually applied on the chest, arms and legs but there are cases wherein they will be applied to shoulders, hips and sides of your lower chest. There will be no risk involved or major injuries. The most you can get is skin irritation or minor rashes which you can get from the adhesive.

Another question that might linger in your mind is the accuracy of this medical tool. This is considered to be an important tool in evaluating the heart condition of a patient but an ECG Device is not that accurate. It can only assess certain heart abnormalities. Although this device has its shortcomings, it is still deemed to be useful by medical professionals and as well as the patients.

One of the limitations of the said device is its inability to detect cardiac rhythm abnormalities that are intermittent. Most often than not, the ECG can miss this and thus come up with a result that is negative. But patients can still rely on other devices such as ambulatory monitoring.

There are also instances wherein the device provides a negative result for patients with coronary artery disease and other heart ailments that are still in their early stages. It can also detect abnormalities that are not really considered to be significant or life-threatening after patients undergo other medical tests or screenings.

One can easily conclude that ECG doesn’t provide enough help for patients to detect heart conditions and help them make the necessary changes in their lifestyle in order to take care of their health but you can never count out this device in providing significant information.

Through the electrodes applied to your body this device can pick up information whether your heart muscle is starting to get thick, there is poor electrical current from one part of your heart to another and there is not enough supply of oxygen to your heart. These are some of the helpful information that an ECG can provide which many of you would find significant and can make the difference in your lives.

An ECG Device has it flaws but it can still play an important role in evaluating your heart condition.

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