The Importance of Native Language Facts
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The Importance of Native Language Facts

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A native language or mother tongue is widely known as the language that was picked up from birth or that a person speaks most effectively. As a result it provides the source of someone’s sociolinguistic character.

International Business or Travel:

The world being what it is now – a actual global community, access to foreign climes has become so much easier. People travel all over the world and are often sent for business purposes to areas where their native language is not spoken.

As showed before, English has come to be believed as something of a business lingua franca, meaning that it is spoken at some level by businesses across the world. However, having a functioning expertise of a language is not the same as interacting or conducting business in one’s native language.

Lost in Translation

Much of the difficulty of doing business in a foreign country correlates with a clear understanding, not merely of language, but more essentially of culture. Translation, if it is to be correct, has to take culture and idiom into account. A lot of pricey errors have happened when businesses have failed to take cultural factors into account.It is for this purpose that companies solicit the aid of translators who have an comprehension of both language and culture.


An example which shows what has been stated above has to do with foreigners who wish to carry out business in China. The Chinese instill their value systems in their business. An successful translator would need to be able to speak Chinese, but should also be familiar with the Chinese culture as well as the culture of the foreign companies.

The Chinese cherish respect and trust, even in business. They tend to seek the ideas and advice of others before making decisions. Foreign businessmen may feel that business choices in China take longer than in other countries, but they need to realize the purpose for this, as explained above. The Chinese are also very particular about having good relationships with others. They put a lot of effort into socializing and building up relationships with others as they believe that this is the basis for effective business, based on trust.

Information packets:

Employees who find themselves sent to countries where their native language is not used are at a distinct disadvantage. For this reason the information packages which make up a part of their business instruction or brief necessity to be available

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