The intruduce about the 12 LORD God in Aion
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The intruduce about the 12 LORD God in Aion

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1. light God Azariel

In the past 12 great spirit times responsible for the southern of the Supreme God, is now leading five princes of heaven god. Gentle personality and his know what one is about to let him lead the gods. What are the special abilities, like other God than little-known.

2 the God of darkness Asphel

In the past 12 great spirit times responsible for the northern of the Supreme God, is now leading the Makai five great spirit leader. Rigorous character that weak light is the main reason of destruction. Give a person a kind of Supreme feeling.

3 the God of time Siel

In 12 times for east god, eternal that tower guardian. In order to terminate the Millennium war, has been aligned with the space between the Dragon God of peace. But to see the Dragon attacks the tower of eternity to get to know their own stupid, sacrifice oneself prevents the collapse of world.

4 the God of space Israphel

In 12 times for Western God, eternal that tower guardian. That the God of time and they signed the Treaty of destruction, and the God of time together to stop the world’s collapse, disappear together.

5 the God of justice Nezakan

The God of heaven, is the sword star and star. The character is very decisive, chase the children. Physical ability is very high, have to block any attacks of great physical strength and strength. Been in his left hand shield is his symbol.

6 God of destruction Jikel

The great spirit, is the sword star and star. Can skilled use of all weapons, particularly the use of the sword is unmanned and. Character arrogant, like fire, sometimes you can’t control becomes very violent. He put the justice of God’s right hand cut things become the first demons wars.

7 the God of free Baizel

The celestial gods, Rangers and kills the patron saint. Outgoing, but very cool, excellent bow and morph ability. After wandering around like morph, observation of human life.

8 death of God Triniel

The devil and God, the patron saint of star ranger. The character is as cold as ice, anything will not lose the cruel heart. Will find your opponent’s weakness, and a concealed close to each other, until the fatal blow was his masterpiece.

9 the God of illusion Kaithiel

The celestial gods, elves star and diabolism star. Introverted personality so that the other is very difficult to get close to him. Ability can be free to manipulate the ODE. To change into any shape. In the first omen war lost to God of wisdom for the greatest shame.

10 the God of wisdom Luminal

The great spirit, spirit star and diabolism star. Perhaps because of curiosity, to understand the nature of ODE, for its in-depth study, finally become gods, magic power of most of the great spirit. In the past 12 times and the children God relationship best.

11 life Usthiel

The God of heaven, cures a star and chanter. Gentle personality, has been that the two sides of each life is precious. For now is divided into heaven and the very trouble, want to go back to the era before the great destruction.

12 the God of destiny Markutan

The great spirit, cures a star and chanter. And the tower guardian, spatial relationship between God very close, and the gods of destruction. Strong, stable personality makes him always face expressionless. Have seen others have the feeling of suffocation.

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