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Apart from being the instrument which just facilitates the communication or which just serves the purpose of communication, today mobile phones have grown up being multitasking by climbing up the steps of the technology. The implications of the technology driven methods in making of the mobile phones have made mobile phones the substitute of traditional computers and laptops. Today mobile phones are coming up with the operating systems inside. They also carry the processor and REM. And the applications supported by the operating systems make them much multitasking.

Android is one kind of an operating system introduced by the Google. As android facilitates many day to day life functions it is now being used by most of the cell phone companies. The task of an android app developer requires great skills as well as the knowledge of different sectors he should be multitasking.  Android is the only operating system which provides the open platform for the development of the application for android. The android app developer can develop the application without incurring any cost as the platform is being provided by Google without charging any cost. Now-a-days many mobile phone producing companies produce the phones which are supported by android.

The job of an android developer is a very responsible as well as seeks a lot of creativity with the knowledge of advanced technology. Google facilitates an android developer with the software for application development and with the codes require for the development of android application. A fresh I.T. Engineer can be the android application developer by using the open platform, the software and the codes provided by the Google. That doesn’t mean that the job of a developer of android technology is an easy task. Only those developers with the blend knowledge of technology as well as great creativity can develop the successful android application.
As Google has made it open platform, today many fresh I.T. engineers are getting the opportunity to show their skills on virtual platform and also they are getting the opportunity to be the android app developer. The job of an android development team is a great profile offered to a fresher. They can get a bright future by being an expert in android development.

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