The marvelous Android Tablet design in 2011
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The marvelous Android Tablet design in 2011

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From the beginning of CES to the release of Android cellular 3.0, the Android Tablet becomes more and more popular. At the same time, manufactories put more advanced technology int it. If last year was the first year of the Tablet PC, then you can use it this year. During the year, IT giants are really starting on the battle field.

It can be even thinner! Apple iPad 2 early released of a type of Tablet PC on the market. It is a good lesson for us. But a few months later, Samsung launched a strong counterattack. In 2011 it brought a new Galaxy Tab stunning official figure. Its thickness is only 8.6 mm. Thickness of a coin is about 1.85 mm. its thickness is less than five coins. You want to take back the thin reputation. it seems to wait until iPad 3.
In the terms of weight, the Samsung P7310, P7500 no doubt become the champion, they are 8.9 inches and 10.1 inches in the camp. They significantly go ahead of other products. Compared to the ASUS and the SL101, slider design with the external keyboard is great. Acer W500 is relatively heavier. After all, they are integrated into the keyboard design of the flat products.
Samsung and Apple both are partners, but they are also competitors in this year. The overall development of the Android Tablet is amazing. A new generation of Galaxy Tab refreshes the thin record. And the absences of metal material and weight have a good performance. Of course, the blind pursuit of light does not necessarily help to enhance the experience. The two products are affected by the extension.  Light is a double-edged sword. The master degree is the key.
The upcoming Transformer Prime of Asus has a thick body. It is about 8.3 mm. the weight is 591g. It is made of metal material. Compared with the Samsung P7500, it has slightly improved. It is more than 20 grams. The weight goes up, regardless of hands-on component weigh. The difference is not obvious. This product is currently not listed in our country.
Perhaps Android Tablet can be awarded in the history of the cattle remote control. The remote control is a good idea. As long as around the house, the TV, DVD, air conditioning and other appliances can be registered for future use. We need not worry about the remote control. Encounter is not in the list of equipment. Remote control applications in the learning function come in handy.
When we are using an infrared remote control, there are two interfaces. The one is more complex control interface. It has a variety of buttons. There is a simple sliding action in the form of gestures. Your finger can be realized in the channel, volume, and so on.

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Perhaps Android Tablet can be awarded in the history of the cattle remote control. The remote control is a good idea.

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