The Mathematic Ending and the Literary Result of the Same Story
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The Mathematic Ending and the Literary Result of the Same Story

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One night, an elderly couple walked into a hotel and wanted a room. The waiter replied them: “We are so sorry because there is no empty room left in our hotel.” Looking at the tired appearance of two old people, the waiter said again: “But, let me think out a solution…”

When this story stops here, what kind of ending do you want to have, the mathematic ending or literary result? No matter which one you choose, the math and literature separate here.

The mathematic story develops like this: This kind-hearted waiter started to solve the room problem for two old people. He woke up the slept guests and asked them to change the room: guests of Room 1 removed to Room 2; guests of Room 2 moved to Room 3; guests of Room 3 moved to Room4… By this way, every guest moved to their next room. The miracle appeared: Room 1 was empty now.

Without no more room or reduced guests, how could the Room 1 be empty? In fact, this hotel is the famous Hilbert Hotel in math, which is believed to be the hotel with countless rooms. People who know how to count must understand that every integer has the following bigger integer till the infinity. Math is a science of infinity.

Well, let me return to the beginning that waiter said to think out a solution. Literary story continues like this: The waiter thought that it must be difficult for them to find another hotel in such a small town. How could he be hardhearted to see the tired old people wander in the street? So, he led them to a room and said: “Maybe this room is not the best, but I could only do this.” The old people found this room tidy and clean, and decided to stay one night here. In the next morning, when they went to check out, the waiter said: “I just lent my room to you, so there is no need to pay the fee. Wish you have a pleasant journey!” The waiter stayed in the hall for one night and left his room to the old people. The old man said: “You are the best hotel manager I have ever seen. You will get return.”

After several months, the waiter received a letter with a one-way ticket to New York and the short postscript which invited him to do another job. He took the plane to NY and found the place as the letter told. It was a magnificent grand hotel in front of his eyes. In fact, the couple he received was the billionaire and his wife. The billionaire bought the hotel for him and believed that he could manage it hotel. And this is the legend story of the first manager of famous Hilton Hotel.

The stories start from the wise mind of the kind-hearted waiter. It needs strict logic and reasonable inference and precise confirmation in the field of math; the beautiful human nature, moving plot and unexpected happy ending are important in literature. However, no matter in literary or mathematical stories, we could find that the combination of love and wisdom could create miracle.

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