The Mature Heart is the Normal Heart
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The Mature Heart is the Normal Heart

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Sometimes I think: we are born in this world, and live very decently in the world, in fact, I am happy. It is always not easy. However, to some people, when they were in the belly of their mothers, they were deprived of life; while some people, when they were in the flower season, they unfortunately died; and some people were basically good and innocent, but encountered accident. God only gives us an opportunity to live, if we do not cherish, is it not a pity?

Well, family, career, ideals, friendship, health, life and interpersonal disputes are both that we need to think every day. Even today we do not face, tomorrow we have to face, so we have to seriously consider it. In fact, for many things, if we think more, when things come up, we may be able to deal with the problems calmly, or we will have accidents every day. However, the pleasant surprise and much unexpected sadness would be wounding. Only think of anything in advance and experience a mature heart, your life will always be under your own control.

In fact, mature heart is just normal. With a normal heart to face all the pleasure, joy, sadness and sorrow in your life, you also can use your common heart to taste all the sour, sweet, bitter and spicy, in addition to experience all love, hate, sentiment and revenge in life.

This is probably the highest state of life now! The highest point of life: when you value your past, you are satisfied with your present, and you are optimistic to your future, you stand on the highest point of life; when you understand that success does not create you, failure does not defeat you and dullness will not drown you, you naturally stand on the highest point of life.

A meaningful life is the real life, a famous writer said: “I ​​am most worried about suddenly found the meaning of life before dying, which makes me feel all the previous years are lived in vain.“ In fact, it does not make sense that the soul is dead. Even if they are alive, they are just a shell only.

I know that a person with love to the community, only in society, which can reflect the value and sense of life.

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