The My Zip Excusive Partner “Buy Local” Program for Local Business Advertising
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The My Zip Excusive Partner “Buy Local” Program for Local Business Advertising

Published by: Marvin Yakos (13)
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Designed to help grow a small business, My Zip is one of the most innovative advertising programs in the industry. Local businesses, termed Exclusive Partners,receive preferential treatment, as My Zip helps them dominate their zip code by promoting only two businesses, per business category, per zip code.In other words, only two realtors, two book stores, two plumbers, two dentists, and so on are promoted in each zip code. The program is further enhanced by providing a local Community Specialist that helps every step of the way.

The comprehensive, effective and affordable marketing strategy combines three powerful and proven marketing plans into a viable, long-term solution.By utilizing online and offline promotions, My Zip’s “brick and click” solution incentivizes consumers to buy local.This program also combines merchant advertising with diverse community organizations,thus motivating consumers to patronize local businesses, restaurants and professionals.

For the price often charged for just one such service, My Zip offers 3 advertising services.

1.  My Zip’s “Be Found Online” service is a one-stop system for submitting and maintaining over one hundred online directories, mobile phone searches and GPS navigation updates. In today’s electronic world, no business can afford to be without a strong internet presence. My Zip provides a landing page so this feature can be implemented with or without a website!

2.  Mobile Marketing/Texting—80% of cell phone users text. MyZip can help a business take advantage of this rapidly growing advertising segment. My Zip provides a full web-based system that allows your business to control your own mobile marketing campaigns directly to customers who want to know about your business. Send daily or weekly offers - VIP club – contests – appointments - special announcements and much more. All from your own computer, plus wehave experts to help at no additional cost.

3.  ZipTag Exclusive Offers - Participating businesses provide exclusive offers to ZipTagholders.  Nonprofits, schools and other worthy organizations, as well as local businesses benefit from ZipTag distribution and help spread the word about the great offers individuals can get with a ZipTag. 

ZipTags are two great services in one! They provide exclusive offers from local merchants and a valuable item recovery service. Each ZipTag pack contains a savings card, keychain tag and 5 secure labels for your valuable items.ZipTagholders show a ZipTag at any Exclusive Partner and receive the advertised discountor promotion.Place the ZipTag on your keychain. If the keys are lost, they can be dropped into any mailbox and returned to you at no charge.Place a ZipTag secure label on any device, such as a cell phone, iPod™,laptop,camera or anything else of value. If an item is lost, My Zip helps youget it back!

ZipTags are also the perfect fundraising product. Worthy organizations that participate in the program save valuable time,increase their donor base and gain much needed revenue.The ZipTag Fundraising Program has many great benefits and cooperatively ties organizations to local businesses, as well as consumers.The product is unique and practical. There is easy delivery, high product value, high profit margin and My Zip handles annual renewals. The program is a sustainable, year-round fundraiser with easy online ordering, registration, education and tracking.Nonprofits, schools, religious organizations, sports teams, charities, clubs and many other worthy causes are eligible.

My Zip also offers other effective services to enhance the nonprofit organization’s visibility and communication!My Zip Community Specialists help organizations gain exposure through the “Be Found” program at a special nonprofit rate. My Zip can also increase an organization’s communication and awareness with one of its Mobile Marketing programs.

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My Zip helps ties together local businesses, organizations and the consumer to everyone’s mutual benefit. For more information, go to to see if your organization is eligible. Remember, only two businesses per business category, per zip code. Get tagged today, before your competition does.

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