The Nutrition Value Comparison of Egg Yolk and Egg White
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The Nutrition Value Comparison of Egg Yolk and Egg White

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With the improvement of living standard, a lot of people feel that the eggs are not as delicious as before. Some people even only eat egg white and throw the egg yolk away. In the past, eggs are the best food prepared in festivals and the supplement nutrient after diseases. So, we are wondering which part is more nutritional, egg yolk or white?

We all know that egg is a kind of food with rich nutrition and relatively cheap price. The most important thing is that it contains the best quality protein in the nature. Its amino acid composition is the closest to the human body required amino acid, so the utilization rate is high in the body.

By comparing the nutritional content of egg yolk and egg white, we can make the following conclusions:

The egg yolk contains more fat, so the calories are relatively higher. The total calories of one egg are about 72kcal, so people who decide to lose weight do not need worry about it. It is all right to eat one egg every day. The contents of protein, vitamins and minerals exceed that in egg white. So, it is really a pity to throw away the yolk.

Egg yolk also contains more cholesterol with average 250 to 300 ml each one; however, the egg white does not contain any cholesterol. So, eating more egg yolk has the possibility of inducing the increased cholesterol. Experiments show that if the old people eat more than two egg yolks every day, it can indeed lead to the increased blood cholesterol.

The iron content in egg yolk is very abundant, but the absorption rate is only 3% because of the combination with phosphorus. Therefore, yolk is not the best supplement to treat anemia.

The lecithin content in egg yolk is high, and it can be digested by body to release acetylcholine, which could enter into the brain through blood to avoid intellectual decline and enhance memory. It could promote the regeneration of liver cells, improve the human plasma protein content, promote the body’s metabolism and enhance immunity.

To common healthy adults, it is good for health to eat one egg every day; but to patients of hypertension, high cholesterol and diabetes, they should choose to eat one egg every three days. What’s more, people should do some exercise every day, because the cholesterol content in body will reduce by exercise.

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