The Old Man and the Tree
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The Old Man and the Tree

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The old man is widowed when he was young. He is so toilsome to bring his son up, and using the money to help son to establish a family. His son’s wife has a child, he is very happy. He thinks that his life was perfect. With the grandson growing up, the old man cannot do the hard work. He thinks maybe he needs to have a rest. Laying under the old tree and playing with grandson, it is his dream. He put the chair under the tree just a moment ago; he heard the door closed “bang”. He thought that the wind was so huge. Then he asked his grandson came to behind him. Grandson could walk now, but not really proficient. He smiled to his grandson and touched the child’s head, then closed his eyes to enjoy the leisure time. A wind blew over kicked up a dust. The old man had a serious cough because the dust and the tears with dust fall down. He open his eyes slowly, the daughter-in-law was cleaning the yard. He didn’t say anything and walked into the house. No one pay attention the child.

The grandsons climb the chair and shake it. A wild was coming, a branch of the old tree fall down and bruised the child’s head. The child cried heartrending. The daughter-in-law threw the broom when she heard his son cry. “What happened?” she asked. The child point one the old tree and then touched his head. She consoled his son and scold:” what the hell to the old tree! I will cut it down one day. It is old and useful.” The old man should saw his grandson, but when he heard daughter-in-law’s wards, he stopped. The scolding was continue, every ward like a knife stab into his heart. At night, the old man had a bad dream. The daughter-in-law wants to cut down the old tree, he want to stop it. But he cannot move the step, and then his wife appeared. He wants to hold in her hands, but suddenly disappeared. The second day, the son wanted to call his father. But his wife pulls his hands:” you need to cut down the old tree first. I am so angry when I see it. The son did not say anything and brought the ax to cut the tree down. The old man seemed to hear the tree ask his help, he yelled to the yard:”no…” “Bang”, the old man fall down the ground… The old man died, and his coffin was made in the old tree. And now, he will never leave the tree forever.

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