The Plus Points Of Nitro RC Cars
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The Plus Points Of Nitro RC Cars

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Only as a hobby, there nothing that can be compared to performance of nitro RC cars. A lot of time should be committed and a higher cost should be borne but there is nothing more that hobbyists would prefer. There are a few things you should know if you want to buy, run, and maintain these gas fueled cars and other vehicles that are controlled remotely.

Nitro RC cars have many plus points over battery powered RC cars. For a start, they are much faster. They do not have a very long recharge time because unlike the electric car with batteries that should be recharged for long periods of time when dried out, all you have to do is fill them up with gas when they run out. The car has a beat that is very realistic and the feeling of a real gas engine. Though they are lots of fun, racing hobbyists also find these cars to be real racing machines. If you are thinking of buying one of these fuel powered vehicles, you will need to that there are some prominent differences between these and the electric cars.

There are some steps that you should take when preparing the car for road use that are similar to electric RC cars. But some things have to be done specially such as the adjustment of the engine’s fuel settings and the braking of the nitro engine.

Taking a look at the aspects of nitro, the main two reasons people prefer it over the electric counterpart is because of its sound and run time. There is no sound equal to a fine tuned nitro engine, most users say. You can hear it screaming as it runs past and the changing of gears is like playing a sweet song in the background. There is no debate about it, compared to the electric RC. Also speaking of run time, it runs for a longer period of time and you only have to refill it once it is out of fuel. But the only debatable subject is the nitro fuel used. Nitro methane, as it is called is highly inflammable but much faster than its electrical partner. Even running at a same speed, it can be a bit more dangerous to be around. Considering these reasons, a little extra attention for safety is required when running nitro RC cars.

Maintenance of nitro RC cars is similar to maintaining a real car. Performing after-run maintenance after using your car for some time is a must. May it be electric and nitro, both types of cars have to perform after-run maintenance. But the nitro RC has several extras that must to be done.

Other than that, getting used to control nitro RC cars can be a bit harder than other electric types because of its speed. New users prefer using an electric model at first to gain confidence in driving RCs.  It will take patience and determination, or simply practice, to master the skill of maneuvering these toys.

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