The point of self grinding process to analyze the pros and cons
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The point of self grinding process to analyze the pros and cons

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Since the grinding process production proven, the above crushing, grinding process, can ensure normal production and processing plant. But they exist complex process, too many devices, large capital costs, operating cost disadvantages. Since the grinding process of the biggest advantages is to simplify the crushing, grinding process. Therefore, in the design, consider the possibility of using a self-grinding process. Concentrator is used from the grinding process from wet grinding processes (dry mill process since the only region in the dry separation and water use). According to production requirements, can be used from the grinding process or a period of two self-grinding process. To the size of mine. In order to solve the difficult grinding particles in a small amount from the ball mill, generally not exceeding mill capacity. The so-called semi-self-grinding process. Since the grinding process with open and closed-circuit process. Open process is simple, large capacity, but the size of discharge is difficult to control, affect the next job, so it is rarely used. CCTV concentrator process is commonly used in self-grinding process.

Since the commonly used wet grinding Process are: rating agencies since the mill and the spiral into a closed circuit. Advantage of grader operation, ease of management, configuration simple. The disadvantage is low efficiency levels, back to sand large. Since the mill closed circuit with vibrating screen composition. Advantage of simple process, but only suitable for coarse grinding. Since the mill closed circuit with hydrocyclones composition, suitable for fine grinding. Closed above combinations, are available on the installation side of discharge from the mill cylinder screen, the separation is too large ore, grading equipment to reduce the load and protect the grading equipment. Should be noted that the impact from the grinding of many factors, especially the nature of the ore, ore structure and construct a greater impact. Therefore, before using a self-grinding process, particularly in large-scale concentrator is designed to be a pilot study (including the semi-industrial and industrial test). In addition, since the existence of operating the mill rate, high power consumption and equipment than other shortcomings, so the design must be used when crushing, grinding process to do comparison tests, designed to provide reliable data.

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