The Poor Student and the Young Girl
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The Poor Student and the Young Girl

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A poor student was admitted to the university, but the family had no extra money to pay his tuition. In order to realize his college dream, he used to sell goods door to door in the summer. In order to gather the fees, he could not bear to spend a penny, and he bit the bullet and begged some food to the people.

He knocked on the door of a family, a little girl opened the door, he was embarrassed, he only asked for a glass of water to quench their thirst to the little girl. The little girl saw he looked very hungry, when she brought the water, she also brought a few bread to him. He devoured, while the little girl next to him smiled to see secretly. After eating, he asked the little girl: “How much?” However, the little girl said no, she had a lot of these foods in her home.

He was much moved and felt very lucky, in a strange place. He also can get warm care from others. Many years later, the little girl had a very serious disease, and she was admitted to the hospital. Within the doctor’s dedicated treatment and care, the little girl’s condition gradually eased, over a period of time, she was basically recovered.

That day she left hospital, the nurse handed her medical bills, and she startled a long time and dare not open it. She knew she could take a lifetime to hard work to repay this medical expense. Finally, she opened it and saw a line of word above the space: a cup of cold water and a few pieces of bread is enough to pay all medical expenses. She could not help crying, she also understood that the attending physician was the poor student that year.

Good people will not be abandoned by life, because their life is full of gratitude. Of course, we help others not to get someone else’s return, but for our good intention. However, when you help someone else, in fact, it is also in an indirect way to help yourself. Because only you help others, they may have to help you. Because life is full of help and gratitude, our life is more beautiful.

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