The Power of being a Good Leader
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The Power of being a Good Leader

Published by: Piyush Bhatia (20)
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Once two friends Dev & Ram were passing through a forest. On their way they were attacked by wild bulls. Seeing the bulls, both were frightened. Dev began thinking about what will happen to his sons and the loan amount he had to take from his friend. Where as Ram focused on the present. He could see a tree. He ran towards it and quickly climbed it. Apparently he was saved but Dev got run over by the bulls.

The only thing that matters is the present moment. Our past is nothing but memories similarly our future is just a thought, it has yet to happen.

As we see in the story, Ram lived in the present moment. He saw the branched tree and took appropriate action to save his life. His focus was on NOW therefore he was powerful. Dev on the other hand wasn’t happy about the present situation so he allowed his mind to travel to the past and future. He lost focus, therefore became powerless in the present situation. He compared the present moment with his pleasant moments of the past and future. He let his ego dominate the present. When we think about past and future, we actually drain ourselves of our energy and time and thus feel weak in the present moment. Then we also fall in the ego trap of how the present should have been, thus losing emotional stability.

It is clear that we need to train our mind. Our mind is the culprit. Our mind easily dwells on the past or worries about the future. We need to be the master of our own thoughts. For, if you are driving a car, you cannot look into the rear mirror most of the time!

Line in the present. Stop thinking of what happened yesterday or what will happen tomorrow. Concentrate on what is happening; you will be able to see what is wrong with it! Once you start accepting and living it you will start getting solutions to the present.

Focus makes you powerful. It not only lets you achieve but also you start enjoying it.

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