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The Pure Residential Company Affiliations

Published by: Astrid Taylor (23)
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The Pure Residential Company is a real estate agency that handles the buying/selling of properties. The Company has some strict principles on which they hire their agents. They Company’s reputation is very important for them and so they hire only trained and experienced professionals. The agents should also have a thorough knowledge about the locality and the local language. They also need to visit the available property so that any prospective buyer enquiring about it in the office is provided with answers.

The Pure Residential Company has its affiliation with RightMove and The Property Ombudsman. While Right Move enlists all the available properties on sale with a little description, location and price, the Property Ombudsman deals with the customer complaints against the real estate agency or agents.

Any agent involved with the selling/buying of properties should be a member of Estate Agents Redress Scheme that has been approved by the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) which handles the complaints against state agents. The organisation helps in resolving disputes between the TPO registered agents and the potential buyers or sellers of properties.

The employees of Pure Residential Company are a member of TPO and need to follow these guidelines.

Firstly, the TPO member should have a Professional Indemnity insurance, which will help them return the compensation paid for them.

Secondly, the Company has to have an in-house complaint system with a written procedure that will help in referring to the dispute in Ombudsman.

Lastly, if the agent who is reprimanded fails to follow the guidelines, then the Company can fine the agent also. If there is expulsion, the media and local OFT and other organisations are duly informed.

Whenever a prospective client has an accusation to be lodged, the Company will look in their internal complaints procedure.  Once that is done, the Company will notify the outcome or the actions taken for it. If they fail to take any proper action, the consumer can directly go to Ombudsman and they will assist herewith.

The various types of complaints that Ombudsman handles are as follows.

  • Infringement of the legal rights of the customer.
  • Failure to obey any rules or way of conduct that the agent may subscribe to.
  • Unfair treatment of the client.
  • Maladministration.

The complaints against the respective agents will only be received in the case that the customer has lost invaluable like money or suffers distress.

The Pure Residential Company ensures that the clients are properly treated and are satisfied with their service. The ultimate satisfaction comes from client’s contentment and happiness. The Company makes sure that the client is the most important and treated with great respect.

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