The Relationship between the Age and Mind As Well As Life
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The Relationship between the Age and Mind As Well As Life

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Age is always a sensitive topic; even outside it is as a personal “privacy”, particularly for women. However, I never shy about my own age, and have the courage to frankly face. After all, everything in the world has its growing season, age is the same. As real people, of course, there is mediocre and brilliant occasion, this is the natural law of human life, say or do not say is the same. Since they are the same, why not avoiding it?

Some physiological and psychologists, after years of observation and research, came to this conclusion: men at 15-25 years old, and women at 15-30 years old in the body is most healthy, and have the strongest immune system to various diseases. Adolescents and youth’s ingenuity and a strong memory marks the most intelligent of the age is at this time. And 30-39 years old is considered the most creative age, and it is related to the accumulation of knowledge and experience.

According to a large number of statistics, the period of the most abundant results is between 40 and 50 years old. Although the basic features of personality are set down before 5 years old, the age of 40 years is a period prone to personality changes. Combined the various factors together, the scientists concluded that people’s “golden age” is 30-45 years old, that is, a successful career of glory. Of course, each situation is very different. The brilliant still need their grasp, and creation.

Someone has been issued such a sigh: the entire life depends on luck. Look for the right direction, our life will be bright; look for the right environment, we will be comfortable for life; look for a right fortune, we will wealthy for life; look for a right hobby, we will enrich our life; if we look for the right boss, we will be stable for life; look for a right friend, we will be smooth for life; look for a right spouse, we will be happy for life; look for a right lover, we will have joy for lifetime. However, this is wrong. We should create by ourselves, rather than by luck.

In fact, a person in this life, age is not a big problem, but mind is the most important. If everyone has more innocence, less trouble, the world would be a better place!

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