The Story between Two Owners and Two Employees
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The Story between Two Owners and Two Employees

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Two talented young people went to a city to look for job together, and then they were employed by two business owners.

Tom’s boss said: “Come with me to do it, I will not ill-treat you. The wages I give you are definitely higher than other companies.” Tom was very happy to sign the employment contract with the boss. However, Jerry’s boss said: “you are a rare talent and I hope to cooperate with you for long very much, while I am in start-up phase, and cannot afford your high wages, as to your intelligence as an investment, accounting for the company’s 20% of the shares, we set up a joint venture, okay?”

Jerry thought for a moment, said: “Boss, I am very happy to start with you. I believe our cooperation will accomplish much, because I admire your idea.” So, two young men start separately with two bosses.

Five years later, Tom’s company has become the city’s most profitable company, and he also became the city’s highest-paid white-collar worker. Jerry’s company has created a few brand-name products, and has an international reputation. Jerry did general manager, and his share of 20% also rose to 30%, finally he has become a real entrepreneur.

Because of Jerry’s success, it leaded to a contradiction with the boss and Tom, although Tom felt that he got highly payment, he had not his own independent business, and there was no sense of success, compared to Jerry, he lost. But the boss thought Tom did not speak the bonds of friendship. The boss could pat his conscience and said he was worthy of Tom, because his every promise on Tom was fulfilled. And the boss said: “What did a wage-earner also find?” Finally, they had to be away, and Tom went out to build his own business.

However, due to limited strength, Tom’s new company was different to grow. While, the boss’s company because there was no Tom, the situation was going badly, even fell into trouble.

One day, two bosses sat down together, Tom’s boss asked: “How do you win over Jerry?” Jerry’s boss said: “Doing business is people-oriented, if you leave people, our business cannot develop.” He continued to say: “My approach is very simple, I found Jerry’s wisdom is enough to make the company grow, I do not let him work, but let him do the business owner and you say, a person will make efforts to work for others or work for their own cause?”

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