The Story between Witty Boy and Nasty Wolf
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The Story between Witty Boy and Nasty Wolf

Published by: Toryyang (355)
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On the hill, there is a wolf. It is both cruel and greedy. It often kills the sheep in the village. People have nothing to do but only to make the fold around their own home high.

There are two small shepherd boys determined to get rid of this wolf. They found a wolf den in the mountains. Taking advantage of the large wolf foraging, they sneak deep into the hole, and hold the two wolfkins. Near the wolf holes, they find two trees, between which have the distances of dozen paces and then a person holding a wolfkin climbs up the tree.

They wait for a while. The big wolf is coming back. When it is back to the cave, it finds the pups have gone, and then hastily ran out to look around.

At this time, a shepherd boy severely twists the ears of wolfkin, the wolfkin is screaming. Big wolf hears this and looks up, and then it sees its children in the trees, roaring immediately. But wait a minute, it frantically flows under the tree, hind legs standing up, both climbs and grasps, but to no avail. When it is anxious, another boy also clenches the wolfkin in the arms to make it bellow. The big wolf suddenly runs toward another boy crazily, it flutters and jumps under the tree. However, the little wolf calls up there, so the big wolf walks and rushes toward that tree. The big wolf cruelly howls between the two trees, and swiftly runs without a moment stop.

Gradually, the big wolf runs slowly, and sounds weaker and weaker. It is crawling, struggling, and finally plunges to the ground and cannot get up. The two boys wait a while, climb down the tree to have a look. The big wolf is dead.

At last the bad guys had bad outcome. The big wolf has died, so the two clever boys can feel comfortable to go home and continue to raise the sheep. But I read the story, not only know the wit of two boys, but also I was touched by the big wolf. Although it is an animal, her love for her children is far less than human mother’s love for their children, which are both so great and selfless.

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