The Story of a Donkey in the Workplace
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The Story of a Donkey in the Workplace

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Some people work as hard as the donkey, but it is marking time; some people are as tired as the donkey, but what they receive is the whip, which is the real experience and feeling of a lot of people in workplace. In fact, it is possible to get rid of the fate of donkey and to be appreciated and reused. Read the text below, perhaps we would be able to find a breakthrough.

First fable: The animals wanted to hold a club, fox as the secretary of the leader, said to donkey: “Your voice is high, so you can sing a solo.” While, donkey said: “No, I sing badly.” Fox said: “What about trying to host?” Donkey said: “No, my image is not good.” Fox asked: “What do you do?” Donkey replied: “I just pull the mill.” Fox said: “Well, you go to pull the mill.”

In the workplace, we cannot only pull the mill like the donkey. In addition to our own jobs, we should try to take the initiative to do other things in the company. If you care nothing, and refuse everything because of your own jobs, over time, you can only mark time.

The second fable: Tiger is the king of the animal kingdom. One day, tiger came to inspect, it saw the other animals were playing, but only the donkeys were pulling the mill. Tiger suddenly was full of praise: “Such hard-working employees in our kingdom are our blessing!” But fox said to the tiger: “The donkey is indeed very hard, but there is nothing on the grind, and he still pulled the mill, which is not to create the illusion?” Tiger looked, it was really so, and it could not help to shake its head.

There is no doubt that donkeys work hard, but they usually have no excellent achievements. In the workplace, it is not important whether you are busy or not. What the boss cares is whether you have done the work. Rather than overload to work, you might as well calm down and think about how to improve efficiency and increase benefit.

Do you only do the same work like the donkey? Do you just cultivate but not harvest like the donkey? If so, you should have a good self-examination.

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