The Story of Beggars and Stones As Well As Sticks
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The Story of Beggars and Stones As Well As Sticks

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A long time ago, when a beggar was begging, he was attacked by a dog. This made him endless terror. When he begged again, he picked up a stone on the body. Unfortunately, this time he suffered the attack of the two dogs. Although he had a stone to defend himself, he was also bitten by a dog. So the next beggar, he wore two stones on the body. But this time, he was attacked by three dogs.

So when he begged again, he simply hided four stones on the body. However, this time he was precisely attacked by a group of dogs, thus he was bitten by dogs. Finally, in order to effectively deal with the dog attacks, he had to carry a basket of stones to beg. Later, the beggar was bold to lay down the stones to pick up a stick to fight back the dog. He was surprised to the result; he was able to break up the dog easily. One stick either could hit a single dog, also could hit a group of dogs.

A stick is better than the countless stones, changing the thinking, the world seems wide. To develop along a mentality, it not only cannot be extricated, and may be tied more tightly. When we are overwhelmed by the traditional things, maybe we should have the guts to try it, to throw stones and pick up the stick.

To solve the problem, it depends on the time to face the problem, whether we will be converted to our way of thinking. We cannot stubborn to use the same method, but after the defeat, we should try to use other methods. If we only use a method, we only have failure. Why not learning lessons in failure?

Convert our way of thinking, we may be simple and easy to solve the problem; if we still follow the practice, we will only spend more time or more the cost of the detour, in the end, we do not solve the fundamental problem. We are not in vain? So, a man should be a little smarter, not foolishly persist in a wrong way, the appropriate change is good. So, let us learn to convert out mind in the proper time.

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