The Story of Strong Deer and Cunning Fox
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The Story of Strong Deer and Cunning Fox

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Once, Fox met a deer in the forest. Fox said to the deer: “You make me confused that why you would be so timid? A small dog can scare you. You take a serious look at yourself, head high, and should be no energy? Even a big dog, no matter how strong he was, you just push with your double-angle, I guarantee he will fall down with legs in the air.

People must know that our fox are weak and incompetent, because we lack the ability to fight with other animals. But you are such a tall deer, you should not compromise when encounter enemies. This is self-evident. So I can certainly say that, whoever is stronger than his enemy, it’s not necessary to escape before the enemy. Friends, you should not run away, and you are far better than those dogs.”

Deer was very pleased after he listened to the fox, said: “Really, why I had no thought of it? From now on, I will go ahead. If a dog and hunters attack me again, I have to resist in the end.”

After the deer spoke, the hunters led their hound appear nearby. The dog’s “bark” sound echoed from time to time in the forest. The fox and the deer immediately ran away.

From the story, we can know that no matter how heroic a person’s speech is, his nature will not change.

Usually in life, we will encounter such a man! Maybe we are such people, but we have not found that. There is a saying that action is the elves of language. When you look carefully at your own behavior, you will find in real life, how hard it is to do everything you say. This shows that we are the boast deer. We really should review ourselves well. When you are facing difficulty, do you escape? Do you believe your own capabilities? In fact, as long as we try to face one or two time, we can get rid of the original self. So do people who practice what they preach! No longer do a timid man! Just believe in yourself, you can do it

I don’t know whether you know an idea, confident people are happier than those unconfident ones. So what kind of people do you want to be?

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