The Terrible and Endless Desire of People
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The Terrible and Endless Desire of People

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According to legend, there was a man died, in his way to go to hell, he met a magnificent palace. The owner of the palace asked him to live there. The man said: “I worked so hard and was always busy for a lifetime, and now I just want to eat, sleep. I hate work.” The owner of the palace replied: “if so, nowhere in the world is more suitable than here for living. Here have all kinds of food, whatever you want to eat and whatever you want to own, no one would stop you. And I guarantee you do not do anything.” So, this man lived down.

At the beginning, this person ate and slept, slept and ate, and he was very happy. Gradually, he felt a bit lonely and empty, so he went to see the owner of the palace, even complained: “These days of eating and sleeping has no meaning. I was not interested in that kind of life. Can you find a job for me?” The owner of the palace replied: “Sorry, we had never been work here.”

Then, after a few months, this man could not bear it, and went to see the master of the palace, said: “I really cannot stand this day, if you do not give work to me, I would rather go to hell, and I do not live here.” However, the owner of the palace laughed contemptuously: “Do you think this is heaven? Here originally is hell!”

Like the legendary man, we seem to be always unwilling to be lonely. We usually chase after what we have not tried. But after a long time, we begin to get tired. This is our life. We cannot always get rid of our laziness, and don’t want to work and study, just want to eat and play. However, even if we live that kind of life, we will not be satisfied. We will also pursue a more relaxed way of life. Because people are greedy, we always seek non-stop and complain about our present life, but not think of our purpose and significance of living.

It is said that people’s desires are a hopeless abyss. The more desire you have, the greedier you will become. So, we should properly restrain our desire so that we cannot be so greedy people.

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