The Usual Mind is so Important in Our Life
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The Usual Mind is so Important in Our Life

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The usual mind is so important to us in our life. No matter the life, work, family or the health, we cannot leave it. My neighbor was a director in the power supply bureau, but he retired two years ago. Two days ago, I heard he died. He was only 62 years old; it made people so sympathetic and sad.

When he was a director, he usually took the BMW or the Benz cars to go to work. As a director, he was so rich and busy. With the retiring, all the things had gone. I cannot see him in a long time. And the cars disappeared too. Actually all the people know what happen to him, but nobody mentioned it. People regarded him as before or the better. But rely on my observation, the expressions of his face has changed. He is not happy anymore. I never talked with him before, but one day he entered my house and chat to me. It made me surprise and cannot understood. The topics were about the health preserving. He never talked about his past or the experience. Sometimes, he invited me to walk in the park or play chess.

I heard that when he was director, he always asked his underlings to do what he wanted to do. But it was really hard to his underlings. At this time, he said to them:” if you not do it well, I will fire you!” the underlings must not unhappy or uncomfortable. When I talked about the money, he just smiled to me. That smile was the last impression to me what he left.

In his funeral, few underlings joined. All the people were his relatives expect for his driver and accountant. I stood behind his driver. The driver told me that when he retired he cannot adapt the changes. The real life made him lost his way. He had a good body, just had mental disease. I knew from the director that if we want to live this society comfortable, we need to lost something or adapt the environment. The usual mind is very important in our life.

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