The Way a Local Business Advertises Can Be As Important As the Message Itself
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The Way a Local Business Advertises Can Be As Important As the Message Itself

Published by: Marvin Yakos (13)
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Tough economic times and increased competition have local business owners tightening their belts and paying close attention to advertising costs and strategies. Local businesses are the lifeblood of any community and cost-effective, comprehensive advertising decisions should prevail. To some, the decision has become crucial, making the difference between success and failure.

To complicate matters, media like phone books and newspapers are no longer reaching consumers in the same numbers they used to. Such traditional advertising is not as effective as it once was, as our electronic world has changed everything dramatically. The internet and advancing mobile technologies have reshaped the way we advertise today and are also greatly affecting buying patterns. The community is always in flux, as people’s ages, preferences, needs and buying habits change continually. With all these complex variables, there are new, smart and innovative ways to effectively and affordably reach one’s advertising goals. How does one get a flow of increasing customers cost-efficiently and with the least effort? How can you best position your local business in today’s marketplace?

One company stands out, providing an affordable, effective and comprehensive solution. My Zip, Inc. blows away the competition when it comes to substance and advertising costs. For the price a local business often pays for just one advertising service, My Zip offers a bundledpackage that ties the business to the traditional and online strategies that are considered most effective in today’s business climate. My Zip’s advertising package includes exclusivity, high visibility, cause-related marketing and repetition. The three principle products are the Buy Local ZipTag™ program, Be Found service and mobile marketing. Businesses are also tied into a cooperative effort with other businesses in the community, key organizations and nonprofits for the long-term.

Consumer habits have changed over the last few years. My Zip helps a local business navigate these changes for a fraction of the cost of doing it yourself and substantially cheaper than putting the incremental pieces together. No business, large or small, can survive without advertising, but small businesses are at a disadvantage because of limited budgets and must choose their advertising strategy carefully.

Most people no longer run from store to store to compare prices and quality, but simply go online first to make their choices. Advertising must be made available to them during this decision-making process. Your business name should be fresh in their minds when they ultimately decide to buy. My Zip submits to over 140 local online directories and businesses can obtain awesome exposure with or without a website! We know how valuable your time is. Hours will be saved when you need to update your information, submit to new, up-and-coming directories and your account will be maintained perpetually.

The National Retail Merchants Association states: “Mobility and non-loyalty arerampant”. Promotion and repetition is paramount in order for former customers to return andfor businesses to seek new ones. In keeping with the times, My Zip™ also provides mobile marketing solutions to localbusinesses in order to take advantage of the tremendous mobile phone market. Buying decisions are now often made on the run. People stop to look up what they need on the internet and even to receive directions of how to find a particular local business. Now a business can send a text message to their customers when they have a special or exclusive offer, or to keep them abreast of important appointments, such as dental appointments or send them information on the latest real estate deal.

One of the most notable features of My Zip’s program is the exclusivity. My Zip promotes only two businesses per business category per zip code. In other words, two realtors, two car washes, two plumbers, two book stores and so on. The local businesses that participate are select and work cooperatively to stand out in the community.

Of course, one of the best reasons to advertise with My Zip is to stay one step ahead of the competition. Competitors may be advertising in some of the same venues individually, but they will be paying two, three or even four times more for some of the same advertising services. My Zip’s bundled services offers the best value for the dollar in the advertising industry.

If you’re looking for an affordable way to improve your revenue, you’ve found it. My Zip’s goal is to put more money in your pocket and we’ve designed a program that does that better than any other of which we are aware. The benefits for local businesses are perpetual. My Zip’s exposure continues on a monthly basis, thereby helping the business keep their names fresh in the minds of those customers they must reach.

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Once you get tagged with My Zip’s smarter, more cost-effective advertising, your local business can grow into the successful business you desire. Just remember, that it takes time to get the word out effectively and My Zip doesthat for you consistently. For more information, go to or email and get tagged now!

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