There Is a Kind of Love like The Sea
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There Is a Kind of Love like The Sea

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It seemed all the flowers were withered away in that moment. The doctor was somber to announce: leukemia. Screaming, shocked, refusing to believe, she finally sobbed uncontrollably. Beside her, a pair of caring hands silently stretched out.

He was acquaintances, came to visit her together with her colleagues, but stayed after the crowd got separated. He did not say anything, just quietly wiped away the tears for her: “Do not be afraid.” When death came as a tsunami-like burst, she was cast in the center of the island. The crowd came to visit, and then hurried away, which seemed it had the vast flood between her and the society. Only he came every day, holding a bouquet of fragrant flowers, wiping the sweat for her, and wearing a red apple hairpin on her dry hairs because of chemotherapy, gently held her thin shoulders such as dragonflies.

At the time that she was the most to give up and the most desperate, he had such a calm face: “Stick to it, there is always hopeful. You are still so young.” His arm was so strong, and she would like to rely on his arm for a life.

For his gentle eyes, she was not willing to die. Finally she insisted to May, her cheeks became pink, and the final conclusion came out: adolescent anemia. She flew into his arms, and was so surprised to be incoherent, the first one to tell him this news. He hugged her tightly, slowly dripping tears.

We all thought it was a love through the life and death. But he quietly left. Later, she knew that just six months ago, under the first snow of winter, his girlfriend departed because of leukemia. He did not cry, but at her funeral, said: “I love you, forever.”

There is a love, like the distant sea. Even if it is evaporated by the hot sun, it will still turn into rain to sprinkle over the hungry earth.

Some people may ask the world have such a love? Yes, the world really has such a love, which will not change because of the time and space. The power of love is great; it can help us beat the pain, allows us be full of desire to life, but also allows us to cherish life.

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