These Small Habits Damage the Health of the Family
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These Small Habits Damage the Health of the Family

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Although many people pay attention to their healthy diet, they are still confused by some physical pain. You might complain about your “constitution” in order to use the natural bad physical to explain that large or small disease. But in fact, doctors have found that, a small uncomfortable pain that often comes from the small details what we usually neglect, perhaps inadvertently, you have planted the risk of disease.

You might as well see if you have these incorrect small habits in the following, and re-examine your lifestyle, to find out the fundamental health codes.

First, a pair of shoes to wear every day and do not change. Because of our feet as other parts of the body will be sweating, and the shoes will get wet through the day, and at least 24 hours to completely dry. If we wear the same shoes every day, it will only make our feet in a long-term moist condition, and the bacteria are more likely to breed. So, we should prepare 2 to 3 pair of shoes, and change different shoes every day.

Second, we are accustomed to tight clothes. Tight-fitting clothes can highlight the perfect curve of the body; many girls love this kind of clothes. Even after the weight gain, they would not like to enlarge size. However, long-term wearing tight clothes are prone to the situation of compression of the internal organs, causing abdominal distention, abdominal pain, increasing heart load, and leading to significant discomfort.

Third, try to save water when washing clothes. Although water conservation is a good environmental behavior, but, if the water of the laundry is too small, the dirt and detergent on the clothes cannot be thoroughly cleaned, it will stimulate the skin, especially sensitive skin, may also lead to skin disease. Therefore, when we wash the clothes, we should at least clean standards. Not because of blind saving water, we damage our own health.

Fourth, for a long time not blink. This is common in the offices of dealing with the computer every day. We staring at a computer screen and also not blink for several minutes. This will likely lead to “computer vision syndrome”, and occur shedding tears, decreased vision, discomfort of wearing contact lenses and other symptoms. So we should pay attention to rest our eyes for some time, blink a wink usually.

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