Things to do in New York- Must Places to Visit
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Things to do in New York- Must Places to Visit

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New York is a vibrant and eclectic place for all time visits. There are lots and lots of places to visit at New York and also lots of things are there to do at New York. Still there are some attractions like no other. No visit to New York is complete without your visit to the Statue of Liberty National Monument, The Empire Building, New York Sky ride. There is an incredibly diverse range of things to see and do at New York and it is recommended that you should not miss them at all.  Here’s a brief description about some of the must visit places at New York.

Statue of Liberty National Monument- it is Located on 12-acre Liberty Island in New York Harbor. The Statue of Liberty is known as one of the most universal symbols of America that was actually a gift from the people of France. “Liberty Enlightening the World“ (the Statue’s original name) is the sign of political freedom and a gift of international friendship. The Statue of Liberty was dedicated in New York Harbor during a formal ceremony on October 28, 1886.

Ellis Island- This historical island has for centuries been the most used portal to the United States for immigrants from around the world. While there were many other important entries into the country, it is estimated that more than 100 million Americans are directly related to immigrants who passed through Ellis Island during its tenure as an immigration station. The Ellis Island was bought by the state of New York. The most impressive room is the registry room.

The Empire State Building – every year millions of tourists flock to the Empire State Building to get a glimpse from its 86th and 102nd floor observatories. Ever since it was built, the Empire State Building has captured the attention of young and old alike.

Good vacation is all about having fun, so enjoy unlimited sightseeing with stress free, line skipping entry. The New York Pass will keep the smile on your face & money in your wallet. You can stroll down the Museum Mile and discover the city’s top museums. There really is a lot do in New York City, so why not to do it all? No worries, you won’t spend a fortune and you will have enough time for everything. Simple try the New York Pass and enjoy your trip.

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