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Things to know before air travel

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For the first time, you have decided to travel by air. Do you think you are in good standing to have no surprises at the airport?

Animals in the aircraft
In principle, small animals (dogs and cats) up to 6 kg (container included) are allowed in the cabin enclosed in a bag or basket on a prior agreement with the airline. Otherwise, they must travel in the cargo hold, compartment heated and pressurized with an extra payment to be made for the trip. Please note, dogs 1st and 2nd categories are prohibited in checked baggage.
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Luggage on airplane
Admitted free of charge if traveling in the cabin:

  • A lady’s handbag, bag-like “catch-all“, a towel or a business briefcase.
  • An umbrella or walking stick.
  • A coat, a cloak or blanket.
  • A camera or / and a small pair of binoculars.
  • Some books (in reasonable quantities) to be read during the flight.
  • Baby food for consumption in flight (watch out for quantities accepted in the cabin) .
  • A portable bassinet.
  • Foldable wheelchair for disables.
  • A pair of crutches provided they are essential to the passenger.

Depending on companies and locations, the number of carry-on baggage may be limited to two per person.

Note: Cabin is strictly prohibited to firearms, edged weapons, blunt objects (baseball bat, hockey stick, club golf, hammer or screwdriver), imitation weapons, substances and hazardous materials. Also the meat, mercury thermometers and barometers, printer cartridges more than 453 g (to or from the United States)

Note: For security reasons, it is now mandatory in security controls to present the things separately in a plastic bag closed with a size of about 20 cm by 20 cm, bottles and tubes of 100 ml each maximum. Any containers over 100 ml will be confiscated.

Admitted free of charge if traveling in the cargo hold:
Depending on the companies and locations, each person paying for his place can carry:

  • 20 to 35 kg (5 to 10 kg were given over to the Caribbean in particular) .
  • Recipients of certain subscriptions are entitled to some extra pounds.

Ask the allowed weight of baggage before you book. It will also be shown on the ticket.
Whatever the company and the destination, the surpluses are still taxed.

Attention: As checked, baggage is strictly prohibited with substances and hazardous materials like firecrackers, fireworks, detonators, ammunition, gasoline, paint, hazardous chemicals, irritating and stinging or tear.

The check
Registration is on average 2 hours before the flight. Variable according to the company and the destination: the check-in time is from 15 minutes to 1 hour 30 minutes. Flight safety sometimes requires long delays.

Note: If the plane is delayed by at least 5 hours and the passenger gives up his journey, the passenger is entitled to be reimbursed for his ticket.

Children and the aircraft
A child can fly at the age of 3 weeks, but be careful that the duration and flight conditions do not interfere. Between 4 and 12 years, they can travel alone, provided they follow the specific procedure “UM“ (Unaccompanied Minor) of the company for the travel of unaccompanied minors. Throughout the flight, the stewardess looking after them and on arrival, they are given to the person specified in the file. Some companies charge extra for the care of the child.

Pregnant women and the aircraft
Enquire before buying a ticket: some companies strongly discourage the pregnant women with only one month left for delivery. A medical certificate may be requested.

The sale of alcohol and tobacco during the flight
On international flights, alcohol and tobacco are sold tax free with a reduction of 15% on alcohol and 20% for tobacco.

Protection of air bags
There is an automatic system in airports that allows tightly packed suitcases, whatever their size, protecting them as well as flights shocks.

The refund of the ticket
No one, in principle is entitled to a refund of a ticket. Check out the sales contract for your ticket to see the conditions of a possible full or partial refund.

Declaration to Customs
On arrival in France, if you come from a country outside the European Union and if you have made purchases reserved for personal use or even as gifts whose value exceeds the deductible customs, you must complete a customs declaration and pay duties and taxes.

Waiting at airports is sometimes long. Feel free to go shopping in the duty free shops to get a massage in workshops ephemeral or even to take cooking classes.

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