Things to know before going to clean your printhead
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Things to know before going to clean your printhead

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Things to know before going to clean your printhead

If you are using a printer, you might have often encountered problems with your printhead. In simple terms, printhead is the small part of the printer that moves with ink jet printers for creating an image on paper. It is the simplest medium though ink is inserted in the hard copy material. Since the printhead works with the printer all the while, it is quite possible that it gets clogged and dirty after a certain time. You can clean print head easily at home, provided you know the essential aspects of your printer.

Ensure self protection: Ensure that you have protected your hands and eyes before handling the parts of the printer. The liquid that is used to clean print head can cause extreme irritation in the eye. Do not touch the inner parts of the printer with the plug inserted in the power socket because petty accidents can happen anytime, even with the most cautious person.

Know the printer type and ink: There are dozens of models of printers in the market and every printer has its own printhead, which can be either removable or irremovable. Ensure that your printer allows you to clean the printhead at home because there are some machines that need intervention of the company registered mechanic. Some companies send their representatives to clients to refurbish printhead as some machines are quite complicated.

Find the correct location of the printhead: It is essential that you know the location of the printhead in the printer. Some printers have company seal engraved in the printhead or around, and you must ensure that you do not play around the seal because the company might not later accept it for servicing. In case you are not sure about the location, kindly take help from the company representative or check the instruction manual furnished with the printer.

Avoid spilling liquid on the printer: Do not use any liquid directly on the printer, but use a damp cotton cloth for using cleaner liquid. Companies often give soft cloth with the printer for cleaning the printed, and it should only be used to refurbish printhead at home.

Clogging and malfunctioning of printhead may be associated with the damage of the underlying motor. Kindly check and confirm that all other parts of the printer are working properly. Instead of repairing a printhead, it is cheaper to buy a fresh one as the investments are almost equal for most inkjet printers. Online portals can offer substantial discounts on printers.

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