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This Guide for you Bring Many Swtor Bothans Died

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It is a time of uneasy tension between the Empire and Republic in Star Wars: The Old Republic. The Sith hold tight to their perverse code and bounty hunters, while largely siding with the Empire, do not always count themselves among the loyal. And Imperial troops, while functional, are also largely seen as cannon fodder; something the Emperor can send toward an obstacle when he wishes a battle of attrition. The skill within the Empire’s military is sadly... lacking. That’s where you, and this guide come in, Agent.

You Should Play An Imperial Agent If: If you ever thought James Bond was cool, but also thought wouldn’t it be awesome if he was also an evil prick, then this is the class for you. Like the Republic’s Smuggler class, this is also a tactical shooter role, one that feels quite different from the rest of Star Wars: The Old Republic. It’s also quite different in that the Imperial Agent is the only class without a standout reference character from the films.

The Agent is a versatile little class that can pretty much be whatever you’d like it to be: healer, de-buffer, DPS, etc. The only caveat is that like the Smuggler, it’s a bit more complex in how abilities function. You’ll want to be conscious of your surroundings, looking for cover, analyzing enemy groups, and memorizing key cycles. Even positioning will be play a large role with this class.

Background: The Agent is the Empire’s secret weapon. Everyone knows and fears the Sith Warriors and Sith Inquisitors, but only a select handful even within the Empire know just what the Agent is truly capable of. As a master marksman and spy, the Agent approaches no situation unprepared, eager and ready to sabotage, forge, and murder his way up the Imperial ranks.

The Agent has no scruples, no weakness he won’t exploit. The tasks handed to him are of the utmost secrecy, and so his loyalty to the Empire must likewise be steadfast in determination. Still, so long as the Agent does his job well, no one will ever know he was there. That hutt found gargling, choked to death on a fried k’lorr slug larva? Agent did that. That Republic councilor who mysteriously disappeared? Agent. The Imperial starship officer caught in an impenetrable Republic prison who died before he could give up any information? I think you know who.

The Agent is not a glory-hound. He does not often find himself at the forefront of any battle, choosing instead to play the cards and strategies at his disposal while staying hidden from his enemies and from history. Few will know your victories, Agent. Fewer still will honor them. But you are at the top of the military for a reason, and your efforts are needed.

How You Play An Imperial Agent: First of all, you need to wipe any notions of “fair play” from your mind. Choosing this class means a future of espionage and backstabbery. Many of the Agent’s abilities play off this theme, allowing him to strike from a distance, plant unseen explosives, or even disappear. While the Sith may constantly seek out new battles to test their mettle, the Agent only sees those in his way as obstacles to be removed as quickly as possible. Take ’em down quick. Take ’em down clean.

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