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This is a right tool for Star Wars MMO

Published by: Zhouwen (13)
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Would you like to advance as quickly as possible and follow the best path in most sides of SWTOR content? If so, a SWTOR strategy guide may be the right tool to look for.

I’m saying this because I have been working myself having a SWTOR strategy guide, and I managed not only to hit level 50 two days after release, I’ve also finished my character together with fine crew skills and amusing gears. Don’t misinterpret me, I acquired early use of the game, and I haven’t played like a maniac. But every time I had been in the game, working on my progression, because of this guide for SWTOR every single one of my movements was made with maximum efficiency.

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To begin with, levelling was a walk-in-the-park. Even though the in-game guidance from the NPC’s isn’t bad at all, they still leave out many key aspects on completing certain missions. Therefore, you are able to waste considerable time trying to puzzle out how to finish a mission, or die many times until you discover an easier way. Having a SWTOR strategy guide you will invariably know the exact place of the certain boss, a quest item or even the easiest road to a particular objective, and this way you won’t waste even a second.

Secondly, using a guide I’ve learned exactly what the best build for levelling was for my class, and didn’t have to struggle killing more than a few mobs at the same time. I realize since basically had chosen a different specialization, or trained my points just slightly different, my progression would have been a lot more difficult.

Star Wars The Old Republic has given a brand new turn to crafting and gathering, aspect this is a bit boring in any MMO. SWTOR Crew Skills as they refer to it as, including, crafting, gathering and missions are also easier to cap for me, since I’ve been using a SWTOR strategy guide. I was always aware what’s the best resource to transmit my companions for, on which planet it could be found, and a lot of times, my helpers have brought me pretty neat gear.

Lastly, I’ve notice excellent player vs. player techniques for my class. I’ve learned what to do with my Smuggler in a Warzone, where you can hide, or ways to get the upper hand on my opponents, to assist my team win the battle.

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