Three colors of the Russian flag Part 1 White
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Three colors of the Russian flag Part 1 White

Published by: Ritah Miller (4)
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August 22, the day two decades of the flag of the new Russia, many will be in the hands of tricolor flags. And ask, where did this character (ask them what it means), and that was before - very few people say something definite!


Symbolizes nobility, sincerity, purity and honesty.

Let us remember that before 1991 the mighty power the Soviet Union existed on our planet, which occupied one-sixth of the land! Union accounted for fifteen republics, that were Soviet and socialistic. Because of the power in the Soviet Union conducted the people’s representatives - MPs of the Soviets (russian councils), and led all the republics of the Communist Party. And the political system is called socialism, because it planned to allocate resources and the state: a rational, equally, in all fairness. Young - wherever we have the road, old men - everywhere we honor! Each according to his work! This is in theory.

And if you openly and frankly, Russia, dominated in size and economic power over the other republics, in contrast, did not have some of the important elements of the state, and enjoyed that belonged to the whole Union. Neither Russia nor the other republics, of course, does not have its own army, but in each national republic had its own Communist Party, and the Russians had to join the Communist Party of USSR - the total for the whole of the Union party. Each republic had its capital, and the Russians have become accustomed to the fact that Moscow - the capital of the Soviet Union, both the main city of Russia. True, the flag of the Russian Federation have been: a red flag with a blue stripe at the pole and five-pointed star above a crossed hammer and sickle. Some now believe the icon “Masonic“ but us in those days, being convinced that the symbols of socialism. Flag of the Soviet Union from the Russian differed only in that had the blue bar at the flagpole. And the flags of the other republics were similar, red.

Naturally, the flag as a symbol of national sovereignty, our country has been a long time. In short, under the emperors of the Russian Empire flag raised sovereign - black-yellow-white. Even earlier, under Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich, the Russian merchant fleet came up with white-blue-red tricolor. And until the second half of XVII century on the Russian flag is not known. Only know that over the Russian regiments of the Moscow princes  banners with faces of the saints hovered.

But the question now is not about ancient history, and how well the current revived the Russian tricolor. After the Soviet Union and thought it was impossible: to make white-blue-red flag for all to see. The ruling communists such dissent is not allowed. The situation was aggravated by the fact that old russian tricolor was used first by the White Guards, then a notorious Vlasov’s army, who fought on the side of the Nazis during World War II.

Who would dare to “the communists“ to promote such an odious character? There were, however, the desperate fools!

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Ritah Miller - About the Author:

Pavel Tsyplenkov, in 1991 MP of Lensovet of 21 convocation, St.Petersburg journalist, poet, composer and social activist. For details look at: Pavel Tsyplenkov Archive

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