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Three colors of the Russian flag Part 2 Blue

Published by: Ritah Miller (4)
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August 22, the day two decades of the flag of the new Russia, many will be in the hands of tricolor flags. And ask, where did this character (ask them what it means), and that was before - very few people say something definite!

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The color of generosity, honesty, loyalty.

The paradox of history that none of those who are satisfied with grandiose celebration to mark the anniversary of the Russian flag, never participated in the restoration and promotion of the principal symbol of Russian statehood. It happened in the late 80-ies of XX century, as a result of “perestroika“, transparency and liberalization of Soviet society. Gorbachev’s reforms, publications critical of socialism was awakened in the people need not only to get rid of the “communist dogma,“ but also of Soviet symbols. Seditious desire promised cuffs and bumps from the police, repression by the heads of companies, each of which was the party ticket.

Restoration of the tricolor, began long before the approval of the Supreme Council of creativity and politicized people. Although, I must honestly admit that the majority of Russians remained indifferent to this problem, and the struggle for the revival of the flag unfolded, mostly in Moscow and Leningrad. In 1987, the white-blue-red panel noted the “gatherings“ national patriotic society “Memory“. In 1988, he waved dissidents and “anti-Soviet“ of the NTS and the “Democratic Union“. In 1989, the historical and patriotic association “Russian Banner“ conducted collecting signatures on a petition to the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR to recognize the white-blue-red flag as the state symbol of Russia.

At the same time and became a popular front from Leningrad to his rallies and demonstrations to raise the tricolor flag, for which a popular television journalist Alexander Nevzorov LNP members nicknamed “striped.“ Unfortunately, only a few known names passionaries that sostrachivali on their sewing machines these flags.

It is recognized that since 1989 the tricolor was in our society, a symbol of democracy and the “anti“, but no national-chauvinistic tone colors of the Russian flag is not purchased. Brief example. In 1990, for the title of world chess champion, fought two Soviet grandmasters. Communist Anatoly Karpov played under the red flag of the Soviet Union. Garry Kasparov, the Democrats and sympathetic soriginalnichat - put it on its side of the white-blue-red flag.

Who else is out of the current deputies or municipal authorities, business leaders and educational institutions to come in those revolutionary years at rallies, holding homemade tri-color? No! Fearing for his honor, they do not try to usurp the authorship and leadership in the longstanding battle for the Russian flag. They just keep silent.

Magnanimously forgive them for it.

Ritah Miller - About the Author:

Pavel Tsyplenkov, in 1991 MP of Lensovet of 21 convocation, St.Petersburg journalist, poet, composer and social activist. For details look at: Pavel Tsyplenkov Archive

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