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Three colors of the Russian flag Part 3 Red

Published by: Ritah Miller (4)
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August 22, the day two decades of the flag of the new Russia, many will be in the hands of tricolor flags. And ask, where did this character (ask them what it means), and that was before - very few people say something definite!

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Means bravery, courage and blood shed in the struggle.

Historical fact: during the August coup, Boris Yeltsin, and many others, known and unknown, behaved bravely, shed their blood for the revival of national statehood is already under the Russian tricolor. His launched in Moscow over the barricades in August 19, 1991, and endorsed the decision of the Supreme Soviet on August 22. Still, the pioneers were not from Moscow, Russian deputies do not, do not gang of the first President of Russia. Here’s what happened, for example, in Leningrad year before the coup.

In autumn 1990, the 2nd session of the Leningrad City Council recognized the “most democratic“, entered Alexander Bogdanov, Leningrad dissident. The same Sasha (Alexander called himself so), who in 1989, propagated by Xerox’s own newspaper in the wild for Soviet citizens entitled “Anti-Soviet Pravda“.

Sasha has led to the rescue a knight, dressed in the uniform of the royal army. under his shirt and carried a surprise MPs. Costumed warrior, of course, the police (militiamen) chased away from the palace. Bogdanov - a “journalist“ - sat on the upper circle and there right on the railing hung white-blue-red flag.

Note: on the roof of the palace waving the red flag of the RSFSR. A scandal roared. Chairman of the Leningrad Soviet Anatoly Sobchak, having received from the Communist deputies a note demanding to remove the “White Guard, Vlasov’s Flag“ and sent to the balcony police. At the same time, Sobchak ordered the socialist red flag to the podium in the Great Hall raised, saying that he personally, Sobchak, not against the tricolor, but allow it in the Leningrad City Council only after Moscow will adopt the old flag of Russia as a State Banner. That’s revolutionary!

Liberal MPs a did not agree to Sasha with “unknown attributes“ drove, because of the Leningrad Soviet was the “democratic heart of Leningrad”. So far in my ears sounds a bold remark of deputy Vitaly Skoybeda: “I express my profound gratitude to Alexander Bogdanov for the appearance in our hall, the historical flag!“

In the end, the session voted in favor of the expulsion of Sasha with his flag. “I was afraid, - admitted afterwards Bogdanov. - Could the fact, and to kill on the way home! Yuri Shutov - Sobchak Assistant - openly threatened to beat me, if we again bring in the Leningrad Soviet tricolor!“

Incidentally, one of the Yury Shutov books, this episode is described in detail.

Yet the next morning, irrepressible Alexander Bogdanov in front of the Leningrad Soviet deputies handed out small tricolor flags, hastily stitched from nylon girly ribbons. Great Hall blossomed white, blue and red. Communists annoyed, Anatoly Sobchak was angry. But without fail recover as have hundreds of members of their gifts? Although the chairman had threatened to fine the unruly, but the same flags stood at the sessions until August 1991.

Thus, the October 3, 1990 the tricolor was hoisted for the first time not on elemental democratic “parties“, and in highest authority of the city of Leningrad – the North Capital of Russian Federation.

I recently asked for Bogdanov, how often does it invite to talk about the glorious past in school or in scientific debates? And he said that in twenty years never got remembered about him, which launched the first tricolor at the Mariinsky Palace. Nothing to do with “Europeans“ Sobchak, nor in the “business executives“ Yakovlev, nor, especially, at current Smolny “Komsomol-girl“. Forgotten completely! Already he was so eccentric - that Sasha Bogdanov, what with all the power is in the fundamental disagreements. The Communists pressed for his love of the tricolor. The Democrats ignored, jealous that he raised the flag of Russia, without waiting for the command “top“!

Maybe this year in honor of the 20th anniversary of the Russian flag power shakes the dust of oblivion from the few genuine reformers, thanks to the civil courage of which we are celebrating the Day of the Russian flag?

Ritah Miller - About the Author:

Pavel Tsyplenkov, in 1991 MP of Lensovet of 21 convocation, St.Petersburg journalist, poet, composer and social activist. For details look at: Pavel Tsyplenkov Archive

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