Tikisha Public School is known as co public school in delhi
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Tikisha Public School is known as co public school in delhi

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Tikisha Public School is co education public school in delhi. Tikisha is one of the top public school in Rohini.

Tikisha Public School is the hub of education in Delhi that provides excellent educational opportunities to students studying in it

Within the entire Delhi,  North Delhi  is the prime location boasting of many well known and reputed schools. Tikisha Public School is reputed and many well known  school in north delhi. Students residing in even far away places commute to the schools in North Delhi.

In this cut throat competition era Tikisha Public School  is becoming more and more popular for students to cope up, so the parents prefer such schools for their children who gives them the most supporting helping hand in academics and also focuses on their talent and character building. Tikisha Public School  is one of the most known as best school in delhi. All students impress by its education plan and career plan. Tikisha give the best education and top education in Rohini. Most of time is spend by children at schools and whatever they imbibe there stays with them life long. Parents, thus aim at providing quality education from schools who also provide ethical education to the students helping them become all rounded and good human beings.

The infrastructure facilities and scope for all round development is great in the schools of North Delhi. Tikisha Public School  in North Delhi have set their standard very high on the national level. Both the physical and human infrastructure of the schools located here are one of the finest in Rohini, Delhi. As a infrastructure Tikisha Public School  is top CBSE school in delhi.

Tikisha Public school is affiliated to the Central Board of  Secondary Education, Delhi. It is top CBSE School in Rohini, delhi.

The vision of TITIKSHA is to look beyond the horizon of limited perception and seek a future for the children, which is meaningful to the family, society and the world at large.

The opportunities for growth in the public schools of Delhi are numerous and localities like Pitampura and Rohini boast of excellent infrastructure providing schools. Tikisha Public School  is most famously known for producing excellent results in both 10th and 12th grades Board Examinations. There value based educational teachings are most reassured by both parents and students. Tikisha Public School’ authority and top management run the schools with utmost efficiency and the schools here stay in the lime light of the media often.

As management Tikisha Public School  is best known in Rohini, Delhi. All management team member is very careful regarding study of students.  Tikisha Public school is is one of  the best public school in Rohini.

As a primary basic Tikisha Public School is the best primary schools in Rohini. Tikisha Public School  is listed in top delhi primary school list. It is not only known as the best Best School in Rohini but also known as top delhi public school in delhi. Tikisha is also Top CBSE School in Rohini. People known it as best public schools in delhi.

These Days you see a lot of public school in delhi. All students are interested in school infrastructure. Tikisha Public school is more and more XSEED schools in Delhi.

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Titiksha Public School is co-educational Public School in Rohini, Delhi. The Schoool is presenty provided education from Pre School to Senior Secondary School level and is affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education, Delhi.


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