Tiles – The New Love of Interior and Exterior Designers
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Tiles – The New Love of Interior and Exterior Designers

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The tiles, locally known as tegels, are rapidly gaining popularity in with interior designers. Interior designers have long used tiles that have local designs on them. Lately, their interests have changed according to the local people’s demand for Marokkaanse Vloertegels, that is, Moroccan tiles. The tiles are not in vogue just because of the design but are popular for the terra cotta work it comes with. These tiles are known as Marokkaanse Zelliges and they are covered with enamel which is in the form of chips of all sizes. These chips are set into the plaster of the tiles. The tiles are used to enhance the beauty of both residential and commercial estates. Here you can often find people going to a tile shop looking specifically for Marokkaanse Wandtegels, i.e., Moroccan tiles.
Apart from Marokkaanse Tegels, the local people are switching to designs from other parts of the world; thanks to globalization. Big business organizations are exploring new interior designs for their offices. They often like to have a foreign design in their offices to give an international look. You can find a lot of international offices that have decorated their flooring with Zelliges. Interior designer are also inspired by mosaic designs in cathedrals. You can find such designs in tiles that are made by assembling small pieces of colored stones, glass and other materials. These pieces are so placed that they make a picture or a pattern. These are sold in the local market by the name of Mozaiek Tegels.

The other most common type of tiles available in the market is the Portuguese cement tiles. They are available in the local market by the name Cementtegels, which means cement tiles. The patterns may be similar to Moroccan cement tiles but the Portuguese tiles are of better quality and unlike Moroccan tiles, they are not porous. These tiles are manufactured in Portugal, Mexico, France, Italy and Spain. Out of these the Spaanse Tegels or the Spanish tiles are popular in the local market.

The designer tiles are usually used for flooring purpose, but they are also being used on walls. Although the wall tiles cannot be easily found in the local market, you can place an order of Wandtegels if you are looking for wall tiles. The retailer can either ask you to choose from a list of designs of wall tiles. If the retailer is also the manufacturer, you can customize your pattern, color and design the way you want.
In short, the designer tiles are in! The market is flooded with Designtegels you never saw before. So rush to the nearest store and look for Designer tiles.

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The author is a qualified tile designer and has years of experience manufacturing Tegels as well as Zelliges. The author specializes in Wandtegels, Cemettegels and Designtegels, and is well known for being one of the leading manufacturers in the local market.

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