Time for new thinking in India Education
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Time for new thinking in India Education

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As far back as 1986, the National Policy of Education recommended that the government must spend 6per cent of the GDP on education. Yet the government hasn’t crossed the 2 per cent barrier. What’s holding it back? Time for new thinking for India Education.

Optimum utilisation of existing educational infrastructure in the country is one of the best ways to tackle the problems confronting the education sector of India. India have around 230,000 public sector institutions functioning under various government departments, including defence, labour and information technology. These educational institutes can be effectively utilised for imparting training and for capacity building.

With the population of young people in the employable age expected to rise to 500 million by the year 2020, India need at least 10 times the amount that is now being allocated in the budget to take care of this population segment’s educational needs. But then it is impossible for the government to provide the entire money. What we have to think about at this juncture is in finding solutions.

Following an innovative approach, the public sector institutions in the country can enhance the enrolment rate by at least 5 per cent. Even Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had written a letter to the chief ministers of all the states for the optimum utilisation of the infrastructure available in the public sector.
Most of these public sector institutions function at fixed timings. If they are able to find at least 10 hours of additional time every week, the institutions will be able to contribute immensely in enhancing enrolment rates and building capacity in the population that has left schools.

Under the Indira Gandhi National Open University - Army community college scheme launched in November 2010, for instance, the open university has started a process of certification of higher education of soldiers. Through this collaboration between Indhra Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) and the Army, the men in olives will get appropriate certification for the skills they have acquired while in service. The certification process will help them launch a new career option at the end of their stint with the Army. Government departments can achieve a lot through a planned utilisation of their vast resources for the cause of india education.

Yet another way to rejuvenate the indian education sector is through collaboration with suitable private sector players. The government of india has to find innovative ways to generate more resources for india education.

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