Tips on How to Keep the Cockroach Away
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Tips on How to Keep the Cockroach Away

Published by: Jill Hopper (12)
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While there may be many pests that can invade the North American home, only one is worthy of its own horror movie. The cockroach is quite possibly the most reviled creature in the animal kingdom, and it is also the most reliant on the existence of humans to survive. You can do your part to ensure that it survives without your own personal help by following these easy-to-implement tips. If you already have a roach infestation, call a roach exterminatortoday and take control of your home back from the bugs.

First, you need to cut off the food source. Some roaches tend to enter into our homes in the winter to keep warm and in the summer to eat. The German cockroach is brought into our homes with groceries or other “imported” items. Since you can’t turn off your furnace and freeze them out, the only option is to seal or remove every speck of food you have in your home. You can start by tossing all of your dirty dishes in the dishwasher or by hand-washing your dishes as soon as you’re finished eating. Leaving them in the sink overnight invites trouble from several different kinds of pests.

Next, go through your cabinets and see if there are any spills anywhere. Even things that you wouldn’t consider a meal, like plain white flour, can be a tasty treat to a roach. Remove all spills and try to move all of your food into screw top or flip top containers. Take away the food and the roaches will find a different home to occupy.

Then, you’ll want to find how the roaches are getting into your home in the first place. Look for any loose screens around windows or a floppy screen door that doesn’t close all the way. Check under your sink and inside your cupboards for heating pipes that have large gaps around them. Get some filler and take care of those holes. You can also look for cracks and holes in your wall. The space doesn’t have to be big enough for a roach to get through for it to possibly be a problem. If you take away any possible food sources and lock your home down, you should rid yourself of any roach problem, and you’ll lower your heating costs, as well.

Roaches are a factor for millions of people in the United States, but they don’t have to be. Contact your roach control expert at Hopper Environmental Services today to learn more about how roaches can be controlled.

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