Tips to care for yourself after Wisdom Teeth Removal!
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Tips to care for yourself after Wisdom Teeth Removal!

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Many people freak-out at the thought of wisdom teeth removal. However, the extraction process is done quickly and requires almost no effort from the patient. It is all the care required after the removal process, and it is the most important part of the whole procedure! You should take good care of yourself once you get back home after the procedure to ensure everything goes smoothly from promoting faster healing to prevent excessive time off work or studies. In addition to this, following your surgeon’s advice will drastically enhance how quickly you recover, helping you feel as comfortable as possible throughout the healing phase. What to expect during the first two weeks after wisdom teeth removal Blacktown? As we know, dentists will numb the surgical area with local and general anaesthesia during the procedure. Once the anaesthesia has worn out, several hours post-surgery you will start to feel some short-term swelling, soreness or bruising. However, while your mouth is still numb, you should take care not to bite your cheeks, lips or touch the sutured site. Nowadays the surgical sutures dissolve or fall out on their own. If you happen to feel small sharp areas in the surgical area that might be bone chips which should be removed by your dentist Blacktown. Swelling and bruising could last for two weeks, and luckily in some cases, people get better faster. For swelling, you can try using a cold compress, and for bruising a moist hot compress will work. Also, try to keep your head elevated to prevent bleeding. What about bleeding after surgery? Bleeding after any oral surgery is normal. Apply pressure by biting on a moist gauze for some time until the bleeding stops. If bleeding continues and doesn’t clot within a few hours, visit your emergency dentist Blacktown immediately. How to manage pain or discomfort from wisdom teeth extraction? Take your medications as prescribed by your dentist without skipping one. Also, make sure you take healthy food not hard once. Keeping your stomach full is one of the best ways to prevent medication-induced nausea. Are you worried about Dry socket? You can avoid dislodging of a blood clot by preventing negative pressure inside your mouth. Stop using syringes, straws or smoking for at least a week after the procedure. Your jaw might feel a bit stiff for a few days which is quite normal, but it should gradually improve on its own. The healing time after surgery varies from person to person, and it also depends on the severity of cases. Get your procedure done only with a proven dentist who will make you feel comfortable during the procedure and also prevent any complications from occurring.
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