Tips to Choose a Chandelier later became symbols of grandiose
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Tips to Choose a Chandelier later became symbols of grandiose

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Chandeliers were once used for functional purposes, but they later became symbols of grandiose and opulence, and were often associated with the wealthy. Thanks to innovative designs, they can be matched with almost any décor; from living rooms and dining rooms to bedrooms and even kids rooms. But how do you make sure, you’ve chosen the right chandelier? Here are a few tips to help you choose the right chandelier.

Needless to say, the first consideration is the place. If you’re looking to buy them for your living room, crystal chandeliers are sure to add eons of style. But if it’s for your kid’s bedroom, there are a lot of funky designs that can match the décor of the room. Dining rooms are also a good place to hang chandeliers. But the size of these light fixtures should be in proportion to the size of the room. Of late, chandeliers have been found to highlight some unconventional places like bathrooms, stairwells and kitchens.

A chandelier that’s too large for the room can overwhelm the room, but if it’s too small, the significance of these light fixtures is lost. Besides, an inappropriately sized chandelier cannot give the right amount of light; too small and there isn’t enough light, too big and the room looks small. From mini to medium and foyer… there’s plenty of choice.

If it’s a chandelier for your dining table, make sure that it’s placed in the middle of the table.

It’s also important to choose from a chandelier that matches your style. If style and grandeur is what you’re looking for, choose from the opulent designs. Single tier, multi tier, candelabra types, wrought iron … there’s no limit to the style. In fact, there are designs that use wood as the base; thus it isn’t surprising to see chandeliers made from wood.

Energy too is an important consideration. Even a simple chandelier can cost you a lot on energy bills if it you haven’t used the right light bulbs. Halogen bulbs for example, can help you save about 30% of energy bills. You can even use a dimmer switch you adjust the light. CFL bulbs and LED lights too are a great idea. Light bulbs in a chandelier above a dining table shouldn’t be strong enough to affect guests.

It’s also important for chandeliers to be cleaned well. They are a dust magnet; hence it’s important that the design is functional and allows for regular cleaning.

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