Tips To Crack CEED Exam In Two Weeks
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Tips To Crack CEED Exam In Two Weeks

Published by: Rohit Ramesh (34)
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CEED is an entrance test for post graduate studies, which tests a student on their creative, observational, logical and drawing skills. Since cracking creative exams is tricky, here are some tips that would help a student score well. The paper is marked out of 100. It has two parts:- Part A - Multiple choice questions is for 50 marks. It will test you on Visualisation and spatial ability, Environmental and social awareness, Analytical and logical reasoning, Language and creativity, Design thinking and problem solving and Observation and design sensitivity. Part B - Divided into two parts again: Drawing ability and Design Problem Solving. Both parts is totally marked out of 50. They are the most time consuming parts of the paper. As the time is limited, do not rush with the new topics. Skim through the topics you are already aware of. These are some of the tips to crack CEED exam :- Go through previous years’ CEED papers. It will help you understand the various levels of questions as well as the types of questions asked. DQ Edge provides mock question papers. The AI of the website detects the subjects that you lack practice in and provides study material accordingly. When attending the paper, take 5-10 minutes to go through the question paper and make a plan of what could be done. Read up on Indian History, architectural monuments, temples, sculptors and paintings to answer Part A better. As the time is limited,do not try to learn new topics. Brush up on topics you know so that the new topics will not confuse you while writing the exam. It’s necessary to learn free hand sketching as it will help you save time while attempting Part B. Avoid sketching cars and portraits if you’re running out of time. Read as many comic strips as you can. They help students build a storyboard. Some questions are asked to be represented as a storyline. It’s hard to come up with design ideas quickly while attending Part B. Hence its important to visualise your ideas beforehand to execute it better on paper. It is advised not to practice all design streams as it will consume more time. Subjects like visual communication and product design will consume lots of time to answer,hence study the streams that you are already aware of. DQ Labs also provides study material on the subjects that you want to improve on. DQ Labs also has YouTube tutorials for students who need further help.
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